Good Morning Tuesday, 30th January 2024

Where has January gone?

Funny morning, last night the temperature didn’t get below 21° but today is forecast to be 24° with a mm or two of rain (though none has fallen so far).

Made a quick trip to Bunnings this morning to buy a small battery powered blower, decided I am getting too old to sweep the path so I will just rearrange the dirt in future. It’s only a small one but it seems quite powerful.

Hope all is well with you and that you have a great day planned (or at the very least, a tolerable one).

Take care…

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Morning Bruce and all that are still to post,
not had time to post last few days but today i have this terrible cold that is
prevalent here in uk at moment. feel absolutely rubbish!!
Day in bed for me , was suppose to be childmind as well looking after 1year old twins too.
Have good day everyone .