Good morning Tuesday 2nd November

Good morning everyone! :039:

It’s a cold one here today, the first frost is evident on the lawns. No going out for me today,
tasks to catch up on indoors in the warm.

Have a good day everyone, whatever you may be doing.

Good morning evertbody.

Today we have no plans. If it doesn’t rain we’ll probably go on Tony’s favourite short walk which ends up at the pub.

Tonight we’re out with son Ady, Paula & family for a meal.

Have a good day all. :blush:

Morning all.

Weekly coffee group meeting from 11, then our co-host wants me and her to pop off after to look at a crafts cafe, as a possible venue. I think it will be just as small as our usual one, but hey Ho.

Morning everyone…chilly isn’t it

Nothing much planned except going to look at light fittings in York

Have a good day all

It has been a lovely warm day with a bit of cloud about but no chance of rain.

The council removed the barriers from the front of my garage today so I was able to go to the servo and get the tyre pressure checked. Even got some washing done, another exciting day in paradise.

Have a good one

Morning peeps :wave: trust all are well. Off to Canterbury for some retail therapy which in my case means picking up the bill. :roll_eyes: bit nippy but dry and bright so not to bad. Have a nice day. :wink:

My sort of shopping companion Tezza…those who pick up the bill :+1:

Early day for me here in the states…4:45 am. Up and ready to go to the polling station in our town. I am an election inspector manning a district, so working until 9 pm this evening…
I will be ready for a glass a wine when I arrive home.

Have a good day everyone! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The bright sun here is steadily driving away the hard frost, so the day ahead looks promising :+1:

Good morning everyone, no frost here but chilly enough to see your breath, a sunny day forecast though so not all bad. :sunglasses:

Absolutely no plans for the day as Rosemary is on kitchen duty, so I may waste a couple of hours reading and doing a jigsaw, such a tough life…

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Good morning everyone! A rare day of sunshine so I’m off out to make the most of it. Decorating can wait, sunshine is here today gone tomorrow. Still chilly at 6 degrees though.

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

Good morning everyone.

A frost here at 6am this morning have done a bit of washing as it looks like it may be a good drying day bright and will warm up. My body still is an hour out I think usually up at 7 but now 6 I am wide awake mind you making the most early mornings a walk round the block with Gert.

No plans for the day although need to finish the decorating which went on hold with the cold/flu/lurgy attack.

Good morning all.
Got GP appointment this morning for test results.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone :grinning: we had the first real white frost of the winter last night, I guess that will put an end to my raspberries which I am still picking.

I want to have a good go at cleaning the kitchen cupboards this morning not just the food ones which I do every couple of weeks but the others full of dishes and tins half of which I never use.

Enjoy your day :grinning:

Morning everyone, a lovely sunny but chilly morning. I had to rescue my daughter from the bus stop this morning as her bus didn’t turn up, and she would be late for work. It’s only about a 3 mile round trip so did it in no time. Tea was cold when I got back though :wink:. Our granddaughter has a swimming lesson after school and as the pool is nearer our house than theirs, they’ll come back here after for some warming dinner and then home.

So what to do in between? I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

It is the most beautiful sunny morning here in Norfolk. i peeped out about 7 and it looked as though there had been a little ground frost and got back into bed! My bedroom is bathed in glorious sunshine at 10am and I can feel the heat on my legs.