Good Morning Tuesday 2nd April 2024

A rather late post for me, I have just driven to the town of Lockhart 431km from my home, apart from getting out of Wollongong it was an easy drive mostly on the Hume Highway.

Just finished setting up my accommodation so have time to type. The weather from home to the ACT turn off was wet and miserable but then the sun came out and all was sweetness and light again

Anyway going for a walk - have a good one


In about 4 min, its truly appropriate, Good morning, Bruce, all!

Glad to see this post and glad to see you made it. I see Melbourne on the map. darn cool.

Have a great day all!

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good morning, bit misty to start, but should be a dry day

Rather cool at 6C this morning…

Morning all - another sunny start, although of course rain is forecast for later

Glad you arrived safely Bruce - have to say I consider driving to be a necessary evil, so admire you for making that journey

Neighbours are off on holiday later today for around 3 weeks so will be back on cat servant duties from this evening. :cat2: Hope she behaves herself this time!

I have a large collection of DVDs and this afternoon I am expecting someone to call to discuss building a DVD cabinet for me. I have looked in shops and online but they are all self assembly and I resent paying a lot of money for something I have to put together myself (I am not a carpenter!) and which is comprised of mostly poor quality materials. I know it will be more expensive to have one specially made, but it will be a piece of furniture and will outlast me! It will also mean I will be able to put my books in the bookcase, which is currently holding some of the DVDs

Take care - have a lovely day

I underestimated the distance, it was 498.5 km, a long drive I set off at 9am and arrived at 2.30pm.

Set up by a river, though it is not flowing at the moment.


Good morning all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: