Good Morning Tuesday 26th April 2022

Another overcast miserable day, had a couple of mm overnight, not doing much this arvo so starting the “Good Morning” thread.

Went shopping this morning, was hoping that the part for my generator would arrive today but it hasn’t.

Am running out of clean clothes, I have enough for four more days so tomorrow I might just wash a few days worth and hang them in the car port

Am looking forward to my evening meal because I bought a WA Lobster from the fish market this morning. I will probably just have it with some lemon from the garden.

Those naughty Chinese are not buying them so the price is down to $30 each (I paid $28 for this one because one of the feelers is missing). Come to think of it - it has travelled further than I have the last 12 months!

I printed out some Aldi trolley releases for my son and posted off the daggers I printed yesterday to my grandkids.

Anyway have a good one today, I hope your weather is better than mine (though it hasn’t actually rained.)

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Good Morning/Afternoon Bruce and all who follow.

That lobster looks delicious!

Definitely on the chilly side here today. As soon as I have rearranged the dust and taken the Shark for a walk I am off to hibernate in the Craft Room.

Have a fun day.

I don’t eat lobster I think of them screaming while being boiled alive .

Good morning all, lovely and sunny here.

I love Lobster and Crab, Muddy all shell fish are cooked that way.

Might go to the Boot Sale this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone, only just above freezing again here this morning but at least that wind seems to have eased…

Nothing much on my agenda so will probably groom the dogs and clip their claws later on and maybe catch a film this afternoon.

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Morning all.

Barry, I was beginning to think we had that wind for life! I was seriously getting cheesed off with it.

Just finishing breakfast and then have to take Holly for her KC vax, then on to the cafe for our weekly meet up. Bin out in alley for collection (glad I saw the others to remind me). Might do a clothes wash after the cafe. And put out my new solar lights. I have four stakes, to share out between back and front, and two hanging bulbs in the back garden.

I found these in home bargains yesterday, so saving me a trip to the garden centre.

Every solar light that had been left in the garden from previous owners had to be taken down, all full of rain water.

oh remember those Shell fish jokes like" the Lobster that went to a dance and pulled a mussel"
Or the lobster watch a crab eat all the ice cream and said to the crab “that is a bit shelfish of you”
Or the crab that couldn’t dance as he could only move sideways

Oops, just realised I hadn’t popped in here today :blush:

I hope everyone has had a good day. :grinning: