Good Morning Tuesday 25th July 2023

Morning all!

Sleep, blissful sleep. :sleeping: It was a beautiful thing, catching up after the weekend. The weather cooled down enough for some nice sleeping weather.

Been doing a bit of journaling and planning.

I haven’t decided what I want to do today. A self care day might be nice. Setting up a delivery of household items I want could be good.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning Butterscotch and all who follow

Have my little grandson Stanley staying at the moment although he is going home later today…I spent yesterday afternoon playing crazy golf…that was fun…he got a hole in one …I told him he had to buy everyone treats it was tradition :slight_smile:

Not sure what to do with him today I’ll wait till he wakes up then have a discussion…a lot depends on weather

Have a great day everyone :grinning:

Good morning!
A bit dull but dry

It’s a busy day today - Tai Chi in the morning, and helping in the community grocery shop in the afternoon.

Good morning all, lovely and sunny here.

Off to the Car Boot Sale this morning, then for a walk.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Cafe meet at 11, then I might wander down to the allotment, after dog walk and lunch. Might have to change my shoes though.

No idea what’s for dinner.

Good morning all
The sun is out and its not raining ,I felt cold yesterday having got wet when i went in the garden .
Have a good day


Good Morning All.

The cricket yesterday was not good, the weather beat us, not the Aussies.

The big marine tank was taken last night, sold by the 8 year old next door to a friend of her grandfather.

She will go far this young lady, got her two big brothers to help load it up into the van with the two who came to get it.

It has been outside for months, very heavy, and she has given me £40 out of her profits.

This is to pay her 2 teenage brothers to help load it up.

She would make a very good Prime Minister.

She does not miss a trick.

Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :earth_africa: (but mainly South Yorkshire)
The puddles on the lane are reducing in size since it stopped raining, so now I don’t return home with wet feet…I felt a bit wobbly on this mornings jog/walk, so it was more walk than jog, and I stuck to the shorter 3 mile route. Stuck was the operative word with all the mud…
Mrs Fox is not happy…They have altered the bus timetables and it only leaves us with one bus to Doncaster at 10:42am. Or, you can catch the 9:20am one and have to pay two quid…
She went orf anyway, clutching a fiver in her hand…Bus drivers not going to be happy either…They prefer the young spunks who pay by card or phone…
She’s not come back, so she must have caught a bus or got a lift off of a friendly neighbour…
Either way, it’s going to be nice and peaceful for the next few hours…

Took Holly for a quick walk as clouds above looking very ominous! Supposed to rain here round about now. Maybe it can’t make up its mind.

For Swimmers, my Fish Tank update.IMG_0551

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