Good morning Tuesday 24th May

Good morning all, early awake here so I thought I’d waste half an hour with the Internet before I get up…

Plans for the day include the usual walks through the forest, then I’ll be batch cooking a chicken korma for the freezer which should make around eight portions I reckon. Then after lunch I’ll be visiting youngest daughter with some things for my grandson before calling in at Mum’s to mow her lawns, so a busy day ahead…

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

It is still cold but the sun was out this morning so I took the opportunity to wash some clothes before i go away for a few days.

Have a good one.

Good morning all, its pouring of rain here.
Won’t be going out not unless it brightens up, then I might go to the Boot sale.
How is your cut today Janet?
Have a nice day all.

Good morning everybody.
I look forward to pottering in the garden today…

Have a good day all…

Morning all.

Still painful, thanks Susie. I changed the plaster last night. It is actually a long cut. Goodness knows what I did it on.

Good morning!

It’s dull, cool, and showery this morning
Going into town soon for breakfast at Wetherspoons, then the library & bank
This afternoon will be packing & last minute sorting as I’m going on holiday for a few days, starting tomorrow morning

daily walk done and not having done it yesterday due to rain I felt a lot better doing it today, Now time for second coffee cup, very overcast and looks like rain some time later on

Good morning all :grinning: sunny today after heavy storm during the night.

The garden is looking very fresh after its good watering.

Enjoy your day folks…

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: heavy showers here and I managed to cut the lawn in between showers.

My Daughter in law is taking 2 of the children camping at the weekend, I am going to do a picnic for the remaining 3 and my son so lots to do.

Enjoy your day …

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Afternoon everybody!

Back from work and have two free days now. It feels like an extra weekend! It’s raining yet sunny here, so not sure what I’ll be doing yet. Really want to do stuff in the garden, but not while it’s dripping wet.

Anyway, have a lovely rest of the day :wave:

Morning all.

It was a scorching day yesterday. The forecast was right. I didn’t realize it was so hot until the evening after the heat built up. I’m hoping for a cooler day today.

Finished watching the cooking tv show yesterday. That was fun.

I’m playing it by ear today. Things will depend on the weather. I’m hoping to get more food and a new phone soon.

Have a delightful day everyone.

A very late good morning all.

Been into town today, did my exercise class, and a bit of shopping, called in the butcher’s to get some bones for the dogs, then came home.

I have just ordered a new rose from Peter Beale, sorted one or two other internet things out, made a couple of phone calls, and that’s about it really. Nothing wildly exciting, but still has to be done. :smiley: