Good morning Tuesday 24th January 2023

Morning all!

Still feeling the effects of the unsettled weather. But there was a patch of bright sun that was nice.

Still having to play things by ear which is getting tiring.

Have a lovely day everyone.

The banjo ? : Glockenspiel ? :grinning:

Good morning folks!

It’s another scorcher here today. It’s already 19 degrees Celsius with a high of 32.

Another busy work day ahead for me!

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If only. . . .


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Morning folks.

Cafe meet this morning, then writing group later.

Good morning!

Grey & cold, but dry - at least for now

Not feeling too lively (so what’s new?)
Off to Tai Chi session this morning, I’ll probably feel livelier when I get moving

Nothing planned for this afternoon, and I have food in
Might just get back under the duvet for an hour or two

The gas repair man has been and fixed the boiler and fitted a new part so just got to warm the house up now. Still very cold outside so staying indoors