Good Morning Tuesday 23 November

Good morning everyone! :wave:

Its going to be a lovely dry day today, so I’ll be pottering about with outside chores and food shopping. Nothing else planned yet, but its still fairly early…and quite mild I think, after yesterdays chill.

Have a lovely day :smiley:

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It’s a bugger, BOM has declared a La Nina event has occurred so an already cold and wet spring is likely to become a wet summer.


Anyway… Afternoon all

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a cold grey day, the sun has gone away :icon_sad:

I am going to give the sitting room a good clean I think but feeling tired so will do it slowly.

Enjoy your day :grinning:

Good morning @PixieKnuckles and @Bruce and those to follow…. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zero degrees and dry with sunny intervals later.

My first job will be wrapping up warm and clearing all the fallen leaves from yesterday, then warm up with a coffee after. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy your day folks, stay warm……

Morning all

Cold dull and frosty in the West Country. And so’s the weather :grinning:
Off to Cardiff to see a band called The Offspring at the Motorpoint Arena. Will be a long day :+1::metal:

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Good morning. 37° here. :grinning:

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Good morning from a very sunny south coast :wave: where my shopping has been completed :ok_hand:
Yes, It’s a bright sunny day here and the ole currant bun is driving the frost away.
Whatever you are up to, fingers crossed🤞 it all goes safely to plan👍

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Good morning but bad night last night. Just could not get to sleep as one of the lounge light units started flikering on all 5 bulbs.

So most of the night what went through my head was “is it just a bulb or the actual fitting. In which case need a pair of steps that are at Bens house at the moment, and getting 2 new light units as well”
So just now tried the lights and they worked but as one of the glass clipover covers had come off I checked.
There are those times when good as Sue is I wish she would not fiddle with things. Not only has the fine 2 prong bulb not been pushed fully into the fitting but also the glass cover was not put on properly, lucky it had not fallen down.
So worries over.on that score, before I went to bed someone had swiched the boiler central heating to on all the time (not me), so switched it back to timer setting and saved a larger gas bill.
So that is how my day started today

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Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all. :039:

Just a little late today – I almost made morning though! :roll_eyes:

Very cold earlier this morning, as was forecast. Bright sunshine streaming in the windows now though. Maximum temperature 9ºC.

Nothing much planned for today. Some more mundane household chores to finish, then it will be a case of whatever the day brings.

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.

I’ve just had a phone call from my next door neighbour’s daughter saying her Mum is coming out of hospital, which is surprising as she had major surgery last Friday. She asked if I could take her to pick up her Mum from hospital this afternoon. I don’t mind, I quite fancy her Mum.