Good Morning Tuesday 22nd August 2023

Morning all!

Tried to catch up on sleep. Wasn’t entirely successful. I’m still working on it. Got some financial transactions done.

Having fun looking for more pens to buy.

Weather is in limbo at the moment. Very changeable. I was thrilled to see it rained yesterday. Did a little rain dance :ballet_shoes::dancer:outside.

Today’s plan is for more sleep and recovery.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning Butter and those to come yet.

Off out this morning to the Car Boot sale to buy my Strawberries.

Washed all bed sheets this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning!
Dry but cloudy

I got up early, had a couple of cups of coffee, did last night’s washing up
Tai chi this morning; nothing much else planned

Morning all.

We have no cafe meet today. I might go and get some strimming done (and by heck it needs it!). Got the second battery on charge.

Then later, I can start filling up the two shredding bags I got yesterday.

Good morning all ,
Bin men have just been , it was the general waste bin , and yesterday when i lifted the lid , it was crawling with Maggots , I always bag waste up and tie it tight, so dont know what happened there .
So I shall give the bin a wash out , only did it a couple of weeks ago …

My skirting boards could do with a lick of paint , not sure whether to or not .
Have a good day

Good morning all it’s going to be a glorious day …

Eliza it’s a day for forgetting your skirting…getting your legs out and sunbathing :wink:. That’s what I’m doing.

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you could be right @Ripple , im thinking my daughter is visiting , will she be looking round .
As usual im over thinking . I shall get the Cif out , :joy:

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