Good Morning Tuesday 19th October

Good morning everybody! Wild and wet here yet again. I got some antibiotic cream for my eye yesterday from the chemist, and applied it accordingly. This morning when I woke, I looked like I’d been in a fight! :eyes: Don’t think that was meant to happen! I’ll go back to the chemist and see if they can give me anything else. :frowning: Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely day!

(Thanks to @Bruce for reminding me it is in fact Tuesday, and not Monday)

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Have you been fighting with Mike Tyson again Pixie?

Morning all.


I went for my walk early this morning because the forecast was rain and indeed rain it did about an hour after I returned.

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Crikey you would think so Susie. Must be an allergic reaction :frowning:

Good morning

And OFC members!

@PixieKnuckles I am sorry you’re not better, perhaps you need to visit the doctor !

Have a wonderful evening/night to the folks Down Under and a wonderful day to the Northerners!


Morning everyone, dull and wet here, so another day confined to barracks.

Yesterday morning my left knee suddenly clicked and locked (it does this regularly, virtually no cartilege left in the joint). I was in agony, couldn’t straighten my knee. Usually it corrects itself, sometimes in a few minutes, sometimes in an hour or so, But this has been one of the rare occasions when it’s remained painful ever since, and I’ve had to resort to using my stick to get around the house. I spent most of yesterday afternoon watching TV and knitting dolls clothes. Entirely possible today will be a repeat of yesterday, grrrr.

@PixieKnuckles sorry to hear your eye is still troubling you, sounds as if the cream has made it worse instead of better :frowning_face:. Hope the pharmacist can sort it for you today.

Have a good day folks :blush:

A wet start but a bit milder than it looks. Hope all are tickety boo or whatever the latest saying is, it’s hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s not PC these days. :roll_eyes: Have a good day whatever. :+1:

Good morning all.
Pixie I hope you chemist will advise you to see a doctor or an optician. Your eyes are delicate and can be damaged by using the wrong treatment, so insist on getting immediate advice from somebody with more knowlege about eyes than a pharmacist.
I am sure it will heal, providing they know what they are treating you for!


Heavy showers here, noise from conservatory roof.

Hospital this afternoon, having to go and return by ambulance.

Typical of my hospital, the vascular clinic is the furthest away from the drop off, so wheelchair for me.

Decision time about my femoral arteries.

Have a good day all.

Good morning all.

Sorry about your eye Pixie & Sheba with her locked knee.
Wishing both of you well in double quick time.

Good luck at the hospital swimmy.

Just a routine day for me.

Have a good day eveybody. :blush:

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Good morning all

MrFraggle hope all is good with you not seen you post for a while.;

Pixie ouch hope they can resolve it for you.
Bathsheba My knee does that totally inconvenient timing normally, I used to find standing on the doorstep and gently swinging the locked knee worked but not so much now.

Wet and cold here, no great plans have started to sort the back garden but not today.

Have a good day everyone

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: dull and wet again.

I am having my hair cut later ,lots to do before then including cleaning the bathroom and listing my Waitrose order ready to post .
Enjoy your day :smiley: .

Morning all.

Off to the cafe shortly for our weekly coffee group. I shall take Holly again.

Good Morning all,

Grey and windy here, and that’s just me, I haven’t checked the weather yet!

Good luck at the hospital Swimfeeder. I think you should go to the doctor about that eye PixieK

I’ll be in work later so gearing myself up with nice coffee

Enjoy your day, all

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: dry and mild after yesterday’s day of rain.

I had a lovely day yesterday. Our son arrived in the morning then we all went to our daughter’s house after lunch. We were unable to go into her house as she has no immune system at the moment but she was able to sit on a chair in the doorway. Being twins they are very close but live miles apart so haven’t seen each other for the past couple of years. My son had her laughing in no time, it was like a tonic for me. It’s their birthday today but she is having hospital treatment today and tomorrow.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy Birthday to your twins @Mags, and lots of good wishes for your daughter’s hospital treatment. Is it hoped that the treatment will help kickstart her immune system? I do hope so, it must be so frustrating for her having to be so isolated from you all.

How lovely that your twins could enjoy their birthday together, despite all the problems with health! :joy:

Happy birthday to the twins, Mags.

Good afternoon everyone, late today as I’ve been busy getting the car MOT’d and making up some flat pack drawers.

Hope you are all well and having a decent day. :blush: