Good Morning Tuesday, 19th March 2024

Good Morning forum folks.

It rained overnight but this morning all that rain was off the coast so the 15mm arrived when it should - while everybody is asleep. Much warmer today with temps in the mid 20s.

Went for my morning walk, I stuffed an umbrella in my pocket just in case but I needn’t have worried.

Made a quick trip to Bunnings for a TV aerial and some AAA cells - I was going to get replacement smoke detectors but they only stocked the more expensive photocell ones, I prefer the ionisation type. A quick trip to Big W solved that problem.

What plans do you have for today?

Good morning!

I feel like I seem to learn a little more with some of Bruce’s posts. Bruce, I hope you get those replacements soon.

Its 1 am here and I’m enjoying the silence. Empty house, no one to disagree with anything! Going to hit the hay and take out the trash first thing hopefully.

Have a great day!

Morning all - a bit grey this morning but sunshine promised for later.

Had a nightmare posting a letter to Mum yesterday! Won’t bore you with the details but the “service” was so bad and slow that it made me late for my yoga class :rage: Problem is so many post offices are closing that this is the only one within easy driving distance!

Today I am meeting a friend for coffee at a local garden centre. We have known each other for over 55 years and now meet up every couple of months. I haven’t seen her since returning from my trip to Australia so we have a lot of catching up to do, no doubt much coffee and cake will be consumed!

Take care - hope everyone has a lovely day

Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :sunglasses:
Sunny and warm this morning and although my big toe is still painful I went for my walk anyway.
It was just nice to go out and do something.
Collecting a new pair of specs later and it just happens to be close to the ‘Range’ where there is an acceptable cafe’ …So that’s lunch sorted…