Good Morning Tuesday 18th

Morning all, on this bright sunny, but very frosty Tuesday morning.

All I have planned for today is paperwork, some phone calls to make, and a visit to the Optician’s this morning. I need to de-ice my car first though, it’s a chore on mornings like this.

Have a good day folks.

Morning Mups and all who follow. It’s a bit dull here, we’ve been promised ‘thick cloud’, oh joy :roll_eyes:

Will go up to see daughter’s dog a couple of times, plus because it’s Tuesday I pick up my daughter and granddaughter from their respective schools, take them home and help daughter prepare dinner before taking them to the pool for granddaughter’s swimming lesson at 5.00. So not a lot of time for me today!

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: freezing fog again.
I was going to go and collect Chloe’s prescription and my own but am not going to spend ages clearing frost off the car windows with a painful back so that will have to wait for another day.

I am relieved the expense of Chloe’s medication is justified, both lots have had an effect on her and she is no longer sick when her tummy is empty and she is now more ‘with it’ and showing an interest in life. She actually barked at and chased some crows across the fields yesterday. She has also settled into her canvas crate in the kitchen at night with a duvet and hot water bottle rather than wandering the house and she comes upstairs to wake me at 6am for her breakfast.

I am risking a visit to the hairdresser later, I will only be in there 10mins for a quick trim and with have my thick mask on.

Enjoy your day…

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Pleased to hear Chloe seems so much better now :heart_eyes:

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Morning all.

A trip to town soon, library and pharmacy. Not sure whether to walk or drive, because of road closures.

@Bathsheba thank you Bathsheba :smiley:
Chloe was prescribed liver support supplement before her operations for growth removals in the summer and the bilious dog syndrome she has had all her life (she was sick when her tummy was empty) suddenly disappeared. I wish
I had know about it before.
She is also on Vivitonin for canine dementia and after a month I am seeing an improvement. It is expensive paying for 2 prescriptions but at 14 it isn’t going to be indefinite and she deserves it for all the years of pleasure she has provided to the family.
She used to be my youngest granddaughter’s constant companion… :grinning:

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Ah Meg, if only you had known. But at least she is being helped when she needs it most, in her old age. It must be such a relief for her not to have the sickness now. My daughter’s dog is nearly 14, and life isn’t easy for them at that age, without any additional problems. And yes, of course she deserves this help, how could you deny her after all she’s given to you all?

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Having to wait for the washing machine to finish.

Morning all

Mupsy it was -1 this morning and I was scraping ice off the car before work brrrr.

I’m feeling like it’s Christmas today as I have some new furniture being delivered, Just had a text from John to say it’s arrived so I’m all excited to hurry up and get out of work which will be soon.

Off to my Dads as usual and I’m meeting a friend at Costa for our weekly catch up at 3.30pm. Gonna take a trip up to The Range to the craft section, I like to see what new stuff they have and no doubt I’ll end up buying some more craft stuff to add to my already bulging craft room.

In between time will be taking Loki out for a long walk. Quite a full day today. I’m feeliing so much more positive today as my meds have been upped for my AF and I’m actually feeling good today which is a rare occasion these days, fingers crossed I stay like this, the episodes are horrible.

Meg your Chloe is just adorable.

Happy Tuesday all
x x x

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Good morning everyone, frosty here too but for all of you struggling to defrost your cars first thing, this is what I have done ever since I can remember and without a problem…

Firstly I start the car and turn the windscreen heat on maximum with the blower on full, plus turn on the rear screen heater.
Then I use a jug of just tepid water and gently pour it over the frosted front screen and side windows, which also has the advantage that it warms the glass on the inside as well which stops it condensing and freezing when you get in.
So that’s job done, drive away in safety and comfort… :+1:

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I am getting a bit excited right now. I have just had a message saying my new camcorder has been shipped . I ordered it on the 3 Jan 2022 and I checked most retailers are out of stock.
so what have I ordered?
Panasonic camcorder HC-X1500
Panasonic VW-HU1 camcorder handle
Sandisk Extreme pro 128 GB SDXC memory card.(have one already)
Not only that but £200 less than other retailers as it was in a special winter offer.
So why this camcorder ? It is aimed for the professional videographer with features that can be manually set. The Sony I sold did everything for you but panning a view was a real pain with juddering and nothing could be don’t to fix the issue.

Aw, LionQ, it made me smile reading your day’s plans. I hope your evening includes your own smile for a day well spent enjoying yourself.

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That sounds a big improvement, Meg. Sounds like she feels loads better.
Really pleased for you both. :+1:

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Sorry @Meg , missed your post earlier but so good to hear Chloe is feeling better on her meds, long may it continue… :+1:

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