Good morning Tuesday 17th

Good morning everybody.

I’m up quite early as I’m off for an early morning swim at 8.30am.

Later, I’m hoping to join a local walking group (if they’ll have me)
I’ll just have time for a cuppa before joining the walk… Mind you - the weathers a bit dicey, I may or may go on the walk…

Tony will be ok to be left this morning as he never gets up until 10.30 & he has his morning chores to do. I’ll be home for lunchtime so no problem.

This evening we’re out for a meal with Ady & family.

Have a good day all…

Good morning Carol and all who follow,

I was rudely awoken just after 6.30 this morning by my 6 yr old granddaughter rushing into me and saying ‘cuddle, Nana, cuddle’. Well, not rudely I suppose, because she was being very friendly and happy :lol:. She had a last-minute-decision sleepover because her mum wasn’t feeling well when I popped in with her shopping late afternoon yesterday,

Well the builders didn’t turn up yesterday, they rang and said they had some outdoor work to catch up on (understandable - they don’t want to do indoor jobs in good weather, I get that). So they’ll be here this afternoon to assess the work and then start tomorrow. Hopefully!

Have a good day all :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: dull and grey.

Well yesterday I did it. I plucked up the courage to take the medication prescribed by a consultant that has been sitting on my shelf since last October. The first dose should be administered intravenously in hospital but I was allowed to try a small dose at home because I refused to go to hospital and risk catching C19. My GP who was not happy with this said not to take it on a Friday or weekend when ambulances are busy in case I need one :astonished: hence my fear of taking it and having to go to a covid ridden hospital.
I spoke to a specialist arrhythmia nurse yesterday, a lovely girl and much more help than all the doctors I have spoken to in the last 5 years and she advised me to take the meds now because the window of effectiveness is closing.

So I started taking the meds yesterday and feel decidedly strange with odd symptoms which I hope wear off in a few days, I will give the meds a fair chance.
I need to book an ECG for next week to make sure the meds are not doing any damage to my heart.
Now I am going to stop thinking about meds and go to pick some bramleys at the fruit farm to make my little 4 year old grandsons a nanna crumble, their first because of Covid.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning - A dry but grey-looking day. The usual morning bike ride to the allotment (when it’s not raining anyway). There’s always something that wants doing. I’ve finished the bordering in between the paths and growing areas. Some old plastic fascia boards came in useful for that. They will never rot.

Been out and about with Alf, tis a proper Autumn day, pity its supposed to be still summer.Still better than the heat in southern europe.Enjoy.

Oh @Meg well done for being brave and starting the medication. I don’t know what it’s for, what your health issues are, but I do hope the meds will help and you don’t suffer any bad side effects xx

Good morning everyone! Still no vet visit for Johns leg…I did get through to them on the phone yet again and was told (apologetically) that they were “very busy with new clients who had bought puppies during lockdown” I reminded them that we had been clients of theirs for over 10 years and could I have painkillers at least if they couldn’t fit my dog into their very busy schedule! :roll_eyes: That was done, and I gave them to John, who after an hour decided that yes, she might deign to go outside and chase cats after all! So I’m hoping to get her seen today or I will be writing a strongly worded letter.

Other than that, no plans.

Have a lovely day everybody! :smiley:

Morning all, was going to mow the lawns today. Plans scuppered due to rain. :cloud_with_rain:

Good morning to :slightly_smiling_face: overnight rain has stopped and it’s looking murky outdoors.

I have a dental appointment this morning for a check up but I know I will probably be given further appointment as the dentist will find a chipped tooth.

*Meg :slightly_smiling_face: well done for deciding to take your old (new) tablet at last :clap:. As with most new tablets, there is usually some reaction but after a while your system will get used to it. I sincerely hope this will be the tablet to ease or rid you of your frequent worrying AF attacks.

Enjoy your day folks…

That’s not good, Pixie. Your poor dog has been in pain for days now. I hope he gets sorted soon and its nothing too serious.

Good morning all, on this dull grey drizzly morning.

I’ve got the dentist today too, Mags.
Joy of joys ey. :frowning_face:

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Good morning to all forumnists . Day started fine but has decided to turn a Bit yucky. Hey ho such is our climate. Not much on today so a bit of shed sorting might be a good idea. I said might. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: have a good day all.:wave:

Good morning have a lovely morning its and odd August weather wise I am banking on a hot September. How nice to get out and about enjoy.

What a lovely way to be woken up, have a good day and sure the builders will be with you, what are you having done?

The nurses are very good at the level yours sounds to be more hands on than doctors find the same with the stroke nurse I speak better than the consultants. Well of you feel odd its doing something which will be what it needs to do. Nanna crumble sounds lovely. Have a good day Meg .

Yes it was a lovely way to wake up! It used to be a regular occurrence pre-Covid, and we’ve only recently begun having her here overnight again. I really missed those early morning snuggles together!
The builders are in just to re-plaster all the hall - last year they completely re-rendered the entire outside of the house because it had been ‘plasticoated’ by the previous owner, with disastrous results - when cracks appeared, rainwater got inside and became trapped, creating damp inside. It’s been a nightmare getting it all done, with delays because of Covid waves. But at last the inside is being done, phew!

Thanks Mups, yeah I am pretty hacked off with them and I have phoned twice this morning but to no avail. The pain meds I got her (Loxicom) are making her more comfortable, I can see that, but its not the bloomin’ point! I’m flouncing now! All these puppies are just getting vaccinations, whereas my dog is injured (or could be). Thing is, all the vets are closing their client lists now so its not like I can go anywhere else, either.

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Pixie I agree with Mups, that really is not on. You’re a long-standing customer with a dog that needs attention, but they’re busy with new patients? Probably just registering them and giving them a check over. Should definitely not take priority over an animal that is in pain and needs treatment. I would be fuming :rage:.

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face: I made it to the fruit farm and just have a few symptoms left , thankfully the visual problems I had last night have gone so I could drive.

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Hi everyone, I’m late today as we’ve been having internet connection problems, but they seem to have settled down now for awhile. A new router is supposed to be on it’s way so hopefully that will solve our problems when it does.

Hope everyone is having a good day, pleased to see your meds aren’t causing you too much grief Meg. :blush: