Good Morning Tuesday 16th May 2023

Morning all!

Yesterday was self care Monday. Slept for nine hours. Did a ton of journaling. Started participating in a basics meditation course. Started an app challenge. Started to feel better.

Not quite ready to make plans for today. More self care might be needed. :relaxed:

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!

Looks like it will be another dry & sunny day

Gradually waking up with a coffee, then Tai Chi session this morning; nothing much planned for after that

Good morning all, the sun is shining bright and I have my washing out on the line.

Well done Butterscotch.

Have a good time at the Tai Chi class Zuludog.

Have a nice day all.

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Good morning all
What a marvellous day to study your toe nails and toes. :rofl: Having this bluetooth dongle for the camcorder was well worth getting not now being tethered with headphones to the camcorder . Had a bit of a think where to fit it out of the way but managed this

it is that flat unit under the handle light with a cable on it

Good morning everyone, I am just waiting for Pippin to dry after a walk before trimming her.

Then into the garden to do some dead heading , enjoy your day.

Good morning all on this beautiful sunny day. :grinning:

I will be spending it at the dentist later with two consecutive appointments, one with the hygienist and the second straight after in another room with the dentist for a general check.

Hope to get out in the garden this afternoon pottering around.

Enjoy your day folks. :grinning:

Good Morning All,

I’m glad yesterday was a good one for you, Buttercup, hope today is even better. What app challenge are you doing?

Enjoy the sunshine and the Tai chi Zuludog and susiejaeger and Meg, happy dongling real speed and good luck at the dentist Mag

Me, I have a project. I found a very ancient dirty rotary washing line at the top of mum’s garden and I’m going to clean it up, oil it and restring it and then put it back up.

I may be some time

Have a smashing day everyone who comes in xx


Morning all.

At caravan just waiting for Susie and OH to visit, then I might take Holly to Gorleston beach for the afternoon. Checked bus times.

Sis is popping in tom before work.

Double bed hard as a rock so we ended up on a twin single that had a softer mattress. Poor dog, couldnt settle.

Morning everyone!

A lovely sunny day here in Sussex :sunny:
No work today and this spring weather has got me motivated to have a bit of a spring clean and attend to some green fingered type stuff .

The jade plants need repotting and I need to remember to rotate them in future, they’re leaning in the same direction.

The scruffy looking tradescantia in the window is going to be replaced with some fresh cuttings :+1:


Is that red phone real? I had a toy phone that looked exactly like that when I was a child. I saw it in a toy store and cried until my aunt bought it for me. My mom hassled me about it for life.

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It is Butterscotch…a real vintage phone with real bells, a 1979 model.
I bought it for a tenner just over a decade ago from a charity shop, it’s been converted so it does actually work.

By today’s standards dialling a number seems to take forever :slightly_smiling_face:



Sorry about your guppies Susie.

A dull start but rapidly warming.

Filet steak today, a rare treat.

Have a good day all.

Good morning!

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Wow, it’s a beauty! :: jealous::

Thanks for sharing. :phone: :slightly_smiling_face:


You are more than welcome, it’s surprising how many people mention it when they visit.

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that phone is a 746 model it should have a red plug lead to the socket outlet,the thousands I must have fitted over 20+ years. they did 7 different colours . the prevous model was the 706 version. to get to the label just tap the blank part of the plastic dial. Later on came the push button version. uinfortunately that conversion has devalued it to next to nothing. Originals are fetching a good price now

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That’s interesting, I think that they were manufactured in batches and the final digit indicates that this unit was from batch two 1979.

I’d recommend starting a thread on this. Not everyone reads this thread, and it only lasts a day. More people will see a new thread. Give a holler if I can help with thread starting.

And maybe ask in the Scotland thread also?

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I don’t understand why it was converted it should have still worked on the dial up system and possibly the fibre optic as well

I’ve always assumed it was converted, perhaps not.
It’s pretty useless if you have to select / dial an option but I’m sure you’re aware of that.
I’d ask you to bear with we realspeed…I don’t have a great deal of empathy with technology I’m afraid.