Good Morning Tuesday 14th May 2024

Good morning all.

I am spending a couple of nights in Marble Bar. I have to change my bedding around, nights have been cold, in single figures, but no longer now I am in the tropics.

Need a days rest after so much driving I have covered over 5000km in the past couple of weeks.

what does the day hold for you?


Morning all – well the Met. Office redeemed itself, it did rain late yesterday afternoon, although mostly drizzle. Today started sunny but, again, rain forecast for later

I think you deserve a rest Bruce after all, there is no rush! :bed:

The new cabinet arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Before it arrived I did wonder if I had made a mistake in the wood I had chosen as it was a bit darker than the oak of my existing furniture but now I am glad I chose it. The carpenter confirmed he was also able to build the small summer house I am thinking of having made and I have promised to contact him when I am ready for that to be done.

My neighbour called in later with flowers, chocolates and wine :bouquet: :chocolate_bar: :champagne: as a thank you for looking after the beast. She does this every time and I keep telling her it is unnecessary as I love the little monster but she won’t stop!

The plan for today is to investigate the bus service into the city centre – although feeling a bit lazy so I may find an excuse to put that off until another day!

Take care – have a great day


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :oncoming_automobile:
I got up early to try and avoid the rain that had been forecast, but I felt a few spots as I nipped outside in my under garments to look at the temperature, and feel the morning…16 degrees C and it felt warm.
Too warm for the hat and waterproof top I decided to wear. I was thankful though as the heavens opened after about two miles into my three mile jog and walk.
Light rain at first, but by the time I arrived home it was swirling down the side of the road into the drains. I thought Ducks liked water, but I had to stop and take a photo of these three reluctant swimmers as they huddled together on a piece of driftwood.

The reason I posted the car in the title was…Yesterday was spent looking for a new motor. I’ve had this one about six or seven months and I’m not really happy with it. Car manufacturers seem to have lost their way these days and focus on the silly none important stuff. Too many bells and whistles for my liking, and the car I chose last year was ‘top of the range’ My Mistake… :disguised_face:
The search continues…


Not too much and not as exciting as yours, washing, shopping, long bath and a pamper.

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I know that the etymology of Florida was the Spanish word for an abundance of flowers , but it should have been named for the Spanish word for “sauna,” which, I know you are waiting with eagerness to learn…is… “sauna.”

With that language lesson completed, I have already peeled off the layers and am about to spend the day giving my children what perhaps may be the greatest gift of their lives. A giant construction dumpster (double the size ordered ) has been delivered out front so we can purge this house of 60% of what is in it, saving our children the tedious and laborious job of pitching when it’s time to step off the planet. If I have my way, any grief (or celebration :icon_lol:) associated with my inevitable death will be salved on a sunny beach in Hawai’i rather than digging through musty boxes and attic corners :beach_umbrella: :maté:

Oh, and the reason OGF’s ducks are too delicate to get wet should be obvious. Can you tell why? :003:

Have a pleasant day!


Blimey the ambush in France looks pretty terrifying in the news

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I will have to catch the news about that thanks


A love triangle perhaps Surfermom?
It’s that time of year again, although the collared doves living in the trees opposite our house seem to be ‘at it’ ten months of the year…Lucky buggers… :roll_eyes:

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Nothing wrong with a good pamper

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No. I love a long soak in the bath and treating my skin to some loving care.

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