Good Morning Tuesday, 13th February 2024

Good Morning all you pancake tossers out there. Another day this side of the grass.

It’s Shrove Tuesday, even better I’ve remembered! (OK… it was on the radio) so it’s pancakes for dinner this evening. Have picked a lemon off the tree in the garden and I know I have sugar somewhere.

None of those stupid tiny Macca’s pancakes either, large, thin, smothered in lemon juice and suger, rolled up, more lemon and sugar on top. YUM!!!

My kids used to bring their friends round to watch me toss a pancake - used to be good at it but I view it with some trepidation these days. Do you still toss your pancakes?

Anyway busy morning - good walk, picked up another bag of rubbish - except at Maccas where I threw all their cups, packs, straws, bags etc onto their entry steps for them to get rid of.

After arriving home mowed all the grass outside my block and did the edges - bloody exhausted.

Supposed to get up to 31° today, it is already over 27° at mid morning.

Make lovely pancakes and enjoy your day. Any plans?

Be good…


well Bruce you deserve a pancake already

still dark here in NW Lancs, but forcast is good, maybe 9deg (gosh) maybe rain laters

would be nice to be able to mow the lawns


Morning all - wish I had your energy Bruce! Weather grey and wet today. Hairdresser this morning and gardener due this afternoon, although if it continues to rain I think he may cancel!

Hope everyone has a great day

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Good morning!
Cloudy but dry with sun & blue sky threatening to appear

I have a medical appointment early afternoon for the results of my diabetic tests & general review
Other than that, the usual cleaning & tidying

Hey Bruce, less of the ‘Tossers’
A bit late this morning due to a lie in and a longer than usual walk/jog…
It was nice and calm outside and not too cold 5 degrees C. So I opted for my five miler coming back down the muddy lane. Although I ran some fast stages, I didn’t run as many and the time was just average…The lane wasn’t too bad after all, and I bumped into another friend and runner along the way. My, he’s looking old, and he doesn’t run anymore, he was just out walking his dog. We had some very happy memories running races together, but I’m not out to have a nag, so I wished him well and cracked on…
Mrs Fox and me decided to have our pancakes at lunchtime instead of after dinner tonight. I always seem stuffed if I have a dessert these days…
Freshly squeezed orange juice and sugar on mine Bruce…Mrs Fox will do the tossing…

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Alas I no longer have an orange tree, my orange and mandarin trees objected so much to being moved to the site of my old incinerator that they constantly produced awful fruit so I chopped them down years ago.

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*just lemon juice and brown sugar on mine bruce
Hubby ,has banana ,yoghurt, berries and honey on his …

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