Good morning Tuesday 13th December 2022

Morning all!

The rain has cleared on Monday. It’s colder when it’s not raining.

Plan for today is to call my favorite person on the phone. The rest of the day is up in the air.

Have a marvelous day everyone.

Morning folks.

Cafe meet today, then goodness knows what else.

Good morning!

It’s still cold, grey & frozen here, but at least it’s dry

Tai Chi this morning, then back home by dinner time

I have food in, and will start preparing veg this afternoon so that I can spend the next couple of days batch cooking stew in my slow cooker, and freeze individual servings

Good morning all, its a bit frosty outside.

Not going out today.

Got Sausage stew going for lunch time.

Have a nice day all.

Just had a power cut for a couple of minuits, then followed by a phone call from the power company saying it was unplanned