Good Morning Tuesday 12th December 2023

Morning all!

After being hungry for a few days, I finally got my grocery delivery order. It went well. I got what I wanted. I was happy.

I found some cool membership benefits as a member of my grocery delivery service. Paramount+ with ads for free (already have that). Paramount+ with no ads for half off. Pluto tv with a limited selection of ad free shows for free. 1 2-hour express delivery on 1 order by the end of the year.

Today is up in the air. There’s a task I may start but it depends on how I feel later.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!
Dull & cloudy but not raining

Tai chi this morning then shopping at the local shops in the afternoon


Got up too late this morning for my social media greetings. Went to the cafe for our weekly meet. Dog walk, cooked lunch, then watched my favourite daytime sop (which is being axed a year from now! Us fans are furious). One of our satellite channels is showing it from the beginning, (20 years ago) so I’m watching an episode now.