Good morning Tuesday 10th

Good morning all, doesn’t look too bad out there at the moment and a dry forecast methinks, so no complaints.

Just heading off to the forest with the dogs, then later on after coffee I’m going to make a moussaka using aubergines from the greenhouse, which will be a first for me so wish me luck!

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

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Good morning everybody.

I’ve just phoned my leisure centre up to cancel my early morning aqua fit class at 9.00am.
I’ve got a man coming to cut my hedge. I think I’d better be here to keep an eye on him.

Later, when he’s gone Tony & I will have the job of putting all the potted plants back. Some are really large & heavy - lucky I’ve got a pot carrier. Also I want to get the car cleaned inside & out so that should do us for today.

Have a good day all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning everyone! No rain today thankfully - yesterday was a wild stormy day. Going to the allotment and pottering around there for a bit, i think. Other than that, just regular chores and food shopping…terribly exciting :roll_eyes: Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

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good morning, rain overnight but should be a dry day and the rest of the week should stay dry, a lot of jobs in the garden before our next holiday

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Good Morning all, I’m back at work today, after having a few days off, but happily only working 3 days this week, so off again tomorrow.

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Good Morning All.

I have Paula my helper coming today with her 6 year old, which will be fun.

Going shopping, some more fish for the aquarium then a couple of Charity Shops.

It will be good to get out.

Have a good day all.

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Morning all.

Holly turfed me out of bed an hour or so ago. I trotted downstairs ready to get dressed and take her out. Where was she? Back on our bed, so I joined her for another doze.

This morning I will host a coffee and chat meet at our local cafe, arranged on a localised social media site. I also plan on doing one this Saturday.

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Good Morning, woken up by a load of geese going over the house.

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Better than through it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Morning all,been out for a walk with Alfie, not bad out there , dry if nothing else.

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Good morning everyone :smiley: a sunny start but it has clouded over.

I am off into the garden mowing lawns and doing a general tidy.
I also want to photograph some of the plants grown from the seeds my 11 year old grandaughter gave me for my birthday to show her what can be achieved and that her gift was appreciated and well used .

Enjoy your day .

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It has been a lovely , fairly warm, winters day. I filled out my census form for tonight, received the all clear for my bowel cancer test as well as some air fryer books I ordered.

That’s about exciting as it gets in lockdown

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Good morning everyone, a brighter start to the day here than of late.

Will probably pop round to my daughter later, once I’ve done my LFT (always assuming it’s negative of course :wink: ), I’m taking some frozen bananas and frozen raspberries, to show my 6 year old granddaughter how to make ‘nice cream’.

Have a lovely Tuesday folks, whatever you’re up to :slight_smile:

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Good morning all :grinning: a lovely sunny one here.

Plenty to do in the garden to keep me busy after the rain, many of the plants have been flattened.

Enjoy your day

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I have a right cob on today.

Several months ago, we had a local company come and replace our wet room with an all singing all dancing shower room. The installation went well and took just over a week so we paid the bill in full on the last day the installer was present. Then we noticed a few snags, the light and extractor fan switch pull handles and the mixer tap on the wash basin were not what we’d ordered, and the cupboard doors hadn’t arrived (came 2 weeks later). Now we’re still waiting for the tap to be replaced and the cupboard doors to be hung plus, the pipe from the mixer tap to the shower head is leaking like fury.

We signed a contract with a double glazing company 12 weeks ago to have all the windows and backdoor replaced and paid £1700 deposit. We were told (in writing on the contract) that installation would be in 6 to 8 weeks - we’re still waiting. We can’t get hold of the company by phone or email. (Even their sales manager is difficult to get hold of but at least he’s answering our emails.) This morning we went to find the company’s office but it turns out the company address is just an Accountancy/Auditors office. I’m getting thoroughly angry about all this because we need the windows installing asap now, as in 3 or 4 weeks time we’ll be having external insulation fitted (fortunately no money has changed hands yet on this one).

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@Percy_Vere I feel your pain, asked a garage door company for a quote, got one for a up and over then we enquired about a side hinged one haven’t had a reply, that was three weeks ago.

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@caricature likewise… :anguished:
I have requested 3 different quotes in the last few weeks to replace some guttering within the next couple of months , not a word not even ‘we aren’t interested’

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At least we DID get our new electric garage door installed to replace the old manual up-and-over one that had seen much better days.

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