Good morning Tuesday 06/09/2022

Our Cat Coco - 19 yrs old.

Good morning all, sun was out this morning, but now a bit cloudy, still very warm.
Have been to the Car Boot Sale this morning, bought Strawberries and New Potatoes.
Indoors for the rest of the day.

Have a nice day all.


Morning all. Sunny start, so put washing on the line. Made a cuppa, sat down, looked out the window, got up and brought washing in as pouring down!!

Weekly tip run today. Then gotta go and help my daughter’s friend with some prep work on a room they want decorating. Level up radiator (bracket has fallen off), fill in some holes in wall, continue to repair cupboard door (started yesterday and the glue should have gone off by now).

Tuitions pick up again next week, so this is my last week of freedom.

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Morning all!

Still hot here. It’s not cooling down much at night.

The holiday was very noisy. Glad it’s over.

Will spend the day recovering.

Have a dandy day everyone.

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What a gorgeous looking cat. 19 years young and going as well as ever by the looks of it.

Thanks Kazz, she does spend most of her day in bed though.

Lovely Coco.

Gorgeous kitty . :heart_eyes:

Took my little dog to vets managed to avoid the rain .
Tided kitchen cupboards a hateful job … but looking great now


Good Bye and God Bless for today.

Absolutely shattered, I need to sleep

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Well done @swimfeeders. Softly softly catchy monkey, eh?

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