Good Morning Thursday 8th June 2023

Morning all!

Catching up on some sleep. Neighbor is on vacation or someone is staying there.

Been researching some window shades for the summer.

Will have to play today by ear.

Have a good day everyone.

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Morning all.

My body feels like it has been hit by a truck. I realise now why my back hurts so much. Not only did I twist it last week, misjudging the step down into the road, but it could also be because I was lifting heavy (or more like awkward) water butts into position. Argh, stupid me! And yesterday I was at the allotment, filling up the watering can from the butt, back and forth onto my beds. That’ll teach me, lol.

Will have to work through the pain, though, as there is the dog to walk, and seeing to my sister’s cats today. Twice. Dog pulls me so not looking forward to that.

Good morning everyone

Sorry to hear about your injury Jazzi :frowning:

I’m out to lunch today with pals they are just back from six weeks in Australia so no doubt they will have some adventures to tell tell us about

Have another house valuation tomorrow so will have to check everything is looking its best…I will be sad to leave this house if we decide to sell…its lovely

Have a good day everyone

Morning all.

Nothing planned for the day, hoping that the sun might come out.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning!
Clear, dry, and sunny this morning, but I thought it was surprisingly cold for June, I’ve put my heating on for an hour

Nothing much planned for today. I’m staying in as I’m expecting a parcel delivery, so just pottering about with reading & tidying.


Good Morning All.

Cool here, not forecast to warm up until late afternoon.

A very tiring day yesterday, so just some gentle housework for me today.

Summer, I hope your valuation goes well, moving again so soon?

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How do like your eggs in the morning Tra La La …
Been out with dog , it’s lovely out .
Nothing planned maybe pop into town later .

Enjoy your day xxx

Hi Swimmers (Gibbs), how are your Fish doing? We have lost 3 so far all Female Guppies.

good morning all ,
a grey overcast day and a yellow warning in place for Saturday, Thunderstorms… my dog hates them so im not looking forward to them …
Back to today and plans are for a walk round the Memorial Park , theres been less and less bedding plants , beds being sowed with grass , so im not expecting anything special which it once was .
Have a good day

Neighbour on holidays as well. It’s super quiet. Got good news regarding installation of extractor fan for bathroom due next week. Also, the engineer is going to chase the job requirement for the rendering as he says he should have been done already.

Regarding your windows shades, it might not be what you’re looking for. However, we’ve installed the UV Protective film that gives privacy as well.

Then, we have vertical blinds (sorry I know some people don’t like them but I do… I just don’t use the bottom chain as I’ve a cat), and then polyester curtains on inside pole.

So, you get light and sunshine but not the damaging rays plus you can watch the world go by and no one sees you.

Window shades for your home windows or car windows?

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Evening all. A few things today. We first had a good stroll around the neighbourhood and chatted to several neighgours. They love Dotty. Then we had the groceries delivered. A few things were not in stock so then we walked to our local Aldi again with the wee dog. She, the dog, is not entirely happy that her mum disappears for a while but she gets excited to see her come back!

Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking at. It’s for a sliding glass door. I’m thinking of getting the car ones and piecing them together. The ones for the window are expensive. Still looking though.

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Dear @butterscotch this one is the cheapest but the best. We have extremely large windows, almost the size of patio doors. We bought two lots. One set for here (kitchen, living room both near 5 feet don’t know the metrics just now) came to about £40. Other set was for old house, roughly same prices.

It’ll make a world of difference. It’s worth the investment. Piecing together that’ll be a pain as this stuff clings worst than cling film lol. Also, if you get one out of alignment… Nightmares! I remember hubby struggling with the kitchen right hand one and the kinks are still there. I’ve tried but to no avail.

So here’s the link to the two sets we’ve bought. Good luck dear!

Silver Reflective Window Film (Solar Control & Privacy Tint - One Way Mirror/Mirrored Glass) (100cm x 1 metre - 10 metre) (100cm x 6 metre)

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