Good Morning Thursday 6th June 2024

Good morning to all who follow.

It is wet here and cold, a maximum of 17°, not sure I am even going to venture out of the house. Apparently a cold Antarctic pool of air is meeting the warm Pacific Ocean and causing a lot of rain for a couple of days.

I hope your weather promises to be better than this cold misery. Looks like a day in front of the tele, looking for my missing camera or cleaning!

What are you folks up to?


Morning Bruce and everyone! Haven’t slept much due to neighbours returning from holiday and clattering luggage around and chattering, clearly very annoyed at having to return to a cold wet Scotland at 2am. This in turn woke the cat, who demanded to start his day with freshly served breakfast and a slow perusal of the garden to make sure all was in order.

I have a full day today and shall probably be asleep by 7pm! :laughing:

Bruce, its 6 degrees (42F) with a max of 13 (55F) later on. I actually wore my woolly hat yesterday, it was so cold…

Anyway, have a lovely day everybody


It’s what you’re used to. Anything below 20°C is too cold for me. I was quite happy with 32+ on my recent trip.

I am sitting here in my Oodie with a hot water bottle tucked inside at 17°C, so cold.


Good morning @Bruce and @PixieKnuckles, and all our friends. Sorry to hear you’re both suffering from cold weather. It seems that Summer has arrived at last here!
It’s nearly 8am and the sun is shining, bright blue sky, no wind (we get that in the afternoons :grimacing:) , it’s already 19C and rising fast.Should reach 30C again later on in the day.

I’ll think I may wash the car, it really needs a wash and it would be good morning exercise for me. :smiley:

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Grab your coffee and enjoy this installment of “Maybe my life isn’t that bad, after all:”

As you all know, I just lost my sweet dog of thirteen years. She had lost use of her hind legs, and were using a heavy-duty webbed physical therapy strap to help her walk. Par for the course, our other dog, a lab/mastiff mix ate it. All of it. So, we had to take him to the vet too, and he is having emergency surgery this afternoon to have it removed.

My guardian angel, who has a wicked sense of humor (as in, “Hold my beer and watch this ….), decided to make one more play. My husband, who out of safety had pulled to the side of the road to take an urgent call from the vet, was badly rear-ended when a passing car had a blowout and our car was totaled. Of course, the driver had no license and was not insured.

This is definitely an it’s-so-bad-it’s-funny situation. Sheesh.

I hope your day (it almost has to be) is much better!

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Wow! pretty serious stuff. Did the other driver go to gaol?