Good Morning Thursday, 4th March 2024

Good morning followers of fun, frolics and fashion.

I am on my way home, I had intended to go to Boorowa but then I read this;

I decided to head straight home. Oh well, them’s the breaks… Had a lovely time for two days but I am near the Canberra turn off (ie about halfway) and the sky is already grey and stormy looking.

Hope your weather is more promising. See you on the morrow as we pretentious galahs say…


Good evening / Good morning

Glad to hear you’re heading home ahead of the storm Bruce. A commute day again tomorrow to the office. I’ve learned how to meditate during rush hour.

Safe driving and have a good evening and a great April 4th.

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good morning and a dry start to the day, will get morning walkies in before the rain arrives again


Rain has stopped play here no chance of fun and frolicking .
Does rainwear and wellies count as fashion :thinking:


There was rain on the way home but it looks like a lot of rain over the next few days according to BOM

Of course it does, who doesn’t look sexy in a bit of rubber? :wink:

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Morning all - rain started the day but now we have sunshine.

The beast decided to throw up on one of the conservatory chairs overnight - she is now patrolling the garden and she can stay there for the rest of the day - the little sh…sugar plum!!

Meeting a group of friends later for our regular Thursday morning coffee and cake

Good idea to return home Bruce. You will “envy” our temps. today a high of 12c!!

Take care - have a good day everyone

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Good Morning From Robert’s World… :disguised_face:
Well it was morning when I started writing… :nerd_face:
It had just stopped raining when I left for my Thursday five. I put my running shoes on and despite the soggy, slippy, mud spatted lane, I jogged quite a few stretches and managed to keep warm as well… Apparently there will be no more rain until later tonight but it doesn’t matter, I’ll be up in the workshop later for an exciting project I’m working on. Probably quite boring for you readers so I’ll not go into detail. Safe journey home Bruce, I hope you manage to beat the rain. Seems like it’s raining all over the world just lately… :open_umbrella:

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I wish there was a way we could store up extra rain. It would be great to then release the rain during summer droughts.


You’re not wrong. The north of NSW has already been hit

That must be one of the worst things that could happen, watching the water gradually destroy your house and garden and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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