Good Morning Thursday 2nd November 2023

Morning all!

Got a couple small tasks done yesterday. My neighbors were making a small bit of noise, maybe cleaning up from Halloween.

I was up late looking at my online library stuff. One service changed their credit system for the worse. On the other hand, one library added credits from another service that made me happy.

I’ve been rewatching Top Chef Masters. I’ve seen it before but it felt like discovering it again.

I need to catch up on my sleep today.

Have a good day everyone.


Good Morning All.

Another storm on the way, we had a preview a few hours ago, and it was not good.

The ground is still saturated from the last one.

I will be spending today cleaning the lounge carpet, I made a bad choice of colour 5 years ago.

Have a good day all.

Morning all.

Just need to wait for a telephone consultation, a meds review, and that’s it. But no plans on going anywhere, for a day or two. Allotment can wait till all this rain has finished. Been told it’s muddy and slippery over there, which I expect is an understatement.

Good morning all ,
More rain for today , but we seem to have missed the Storm , it is calm .
Out for lunch today .
Have a good day all .

Good morning!
Wet & windy!

Nothing much this morning, just tidying and a trip to the supermarket

But this afternoon I’m going to see Pendle Plant Craft, who do foraging and back to nature sort of stuff
This is mainly because I’m still trying to start some kind of Men’s Shed or Community Workshop in the Burnley/Pendle area, and I hear they might be interested in that sort of thing

Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :biking_man:
Roads wet and full of leaves but I managed to turn out for a swift 15 miles on the bike. It seemed busier than usual with lots of cars and vans hurtling down country roads that weren’t built for high volumes of traffic. Normally I’d be lucky if I saw two or three vehicles on this road.
It wasn’t until I returned to the village that I saw the ‘Road Closed’ signs, the river had flooded the road to the next village. I think it’s meant to do that to protect the villages at either end.
I don’t go that way so got my ride done anyway…
It seemed like hard work this morning, and although there didn’t appear to be any wind, whatever breeze there was, seemed to be always in my face and I couldn’t seem to get a decent pace going, so It was a poor time… :slightly_frowning_face:
I consider myself lucky though that I could get a ride done at all at this time of the year, I did get the bike dirty though but that’s a job for later.
Had a shower and breakfast and have come over all tired so I’ll have a sit and think of something to do…Not too strenuous…The forum seems to be dominated with Boris and Israel, and I’m not interested in either so I’ll catch ya all later…

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