Good Morning Thursday, 29th February 2024

Good Morning to you all on this torrid, thirsty Thursday.

Any ladies planning to propose this leap year?

Last night was warm so the house didn’t get a chance to cool down, it is supposed to get up to the mid/high 30s today, already at mid morning it is over 28°. If it reaches into the 30s then it will be a record for the last day of summer according to the weather forecast last night.

Yes! it is the end of summer, tomorrow is autumn. Seasons in Australia conveniently start on the first day of the month, none of this 23rd nonsense for us, nature bends to our rules. :wink:

Walk as usual early this morning with a quick visit to the supermarket on the way home for bread, milk, fruit and ice cream, then I slapped more paint on my new jerrycan.

Am expecting a delivery today of my soundbar from Amazon I am hoping they will text me before they deliver so I can get to the door. These couriers tend to ring the bell, drop the package on the verandah then run away.

Oh, and I must remember to put the bin out this arvo.

Have a good one…

Good morning! its 13 min into my morning and I’m wondering how early or late I’m going to arrive to work.

Bruce, what color did you end up painting the jerrycan? This was the one you found the other day correct?

Its expected to be a chill day before going back to a glimpse of spring weather. Wildflowers will bloom in March time frame. Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes rule in Texas.

I drove a different route yesterday to work and was surprised by the most odd scene. In a residential area, I saw 5 huge birds. Immediately vultures or buzzards start swirling on my mind. As I drove closer, one had long feathers. It was a group of peacocks, one male, rest females. This has got to be one of the unique scenes I’ve stumbled on during morning commute. The route added probably 10 min, however very tempting to try the route again tomorrow.

Time for bed, good morning, have a blessed day!

good Thursday morning and its 7 deg and cloudy here in north west England

forcast to be a dry(ish) day, so ok for morning walkies

we have family in New Zealand and its face time at 8am GMT to catch up with happenings, i won’t have even showered and shaved, its time the earth stood still so we can all be on the same time.

enjoy your day

Morning all - not so cold but very wet this morning. Cat servant duties carried out, again she didn’t want to go out - no surprise there!

Went to the new club yesterday, everyone very friendly and welcoming and an interesting speaker - not sure if it is my thing but I have been invited to go to their next meeting end of March.

Was planning to meet some friends this morning but have been told a parcel I was expecting on Saturday will be delivered today - hopefully it will arrive early and I can still meet up for a coffee and a natter!

Take care - hope everyone has a lovely day

Yes it is the one I found. At the moment it is silver because I used some anti rust paint but tomorrow I will buy a can of yellow spray paint to distinguish it from my red one. The red one is for petrol for my generator, mower and whiipper snipper whereas this one I will use for diesel for my car.(hence yellow)

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Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :ok_hand:
All went well yesterday at the hospital but I was almost late for my appointment. Parking was atrocious, and I drove round for half an hour looking for a space…Then it cost me £3 for two hours parking, I nearly had a heart attack…
Anyway, there’s 11 years life left on the battery of my pacemaker/defibrillator so I gave it some work on this mornings walk/jog along the towpath. Almost wore the shorts but declined and was quite hot and sweaty when I got home.
Kitchen tap is dripping and attempts at cleaning and removing limescale have failed (useless quarter turn ceramic taps) and now the swizzer has broken (the bit at the end of the spout that aerates the water and stops it spraying everywhere) so I’m of to B&Q to buy a new tap. In the old days I could have fixed the drip with a ten pence washer… :009: