Good Morning Thursday 28 Oct

Good morning all.

Got a carpet man coming at 2pm today to lay carpet down in the spare room, apart from that nothing else planned for the day.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning Susie and all who follow

Have the window people back later today they want to change a piece of glazing…no idea why they all look perfect to me…anyway they say it needs changing so ok

Also have a man coming to look at the porch …I want an oak one on the front of the house…the one there now is rotten

Have a good day everyone

Good morning everyone, mild again here and breezy so no complaints weatherwise. :sunglasses:

An easy day planned with just a run to the tip with some garden waste, and I’ll call in on Mum for an hour on the way back.

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

Good morning all :slight_smile: Have a lovely day everyone.


Morning all.

Might go to the library, and then wander around the shops in town.

Good morning everybody.

We’re going to our grandson Jason’s today to take him a hamper for his birthday.
He’s been estranged from his family due to his internet association with a single mother in Manchester who he met online.

She’s fleecing him for all he’s worth & his mum (my daughter Sue) told me not to give him money or he’d only spend it on her!!

Anyway we’ll go & see him & tread very carefully around his situation.

Tonight Tony & I are going to the local Hungry Horse chain. We still have some vouchers to spend there from Tony’s birthday way back in April.

Have a good day all. :blush:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a bright morning for change.

After a bad night with my misbehaving heart I am going to have a leisurely long shower before going to the post office and Doctors to collect my medication.
I might get the lawns cut later.
Enjoy your day.

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: overcast but very mild here.

Going to our daughter’s today to give her a pair of warm fleecy pj’s as she is feeling the cold a lot now. Hope to be able to have a short distancing chat with her at the doorstep.

Expecting a Sainsburys grocery delivery this afternoon.

Enjoy your day folks

Good morning…late today. Lashing with rain, flooded roads, diverted traffic…oh the joys of a scottish autumn! Having a pottering day today, not painting. Have a lovely day :wave:

Pleasant warm day about 28’.

The council workers are busy building a footpath along side my house, I have already discussed my driveway with them so hopefully all will be well.

Had to visit another doctor today to review my use of opioids, apparently long term users like me have to be reviewed every year now. While I was there he gave me an anti- pneumonia shot. We had a nice chat, I told him if i was going to get addicted to anything it would be something a bit more interesting than OxyNorm, He just laughed.

Went for my walk later than usual in the afternoon.

Anyway enjoy your day.

@Carol Eggshell walking the hamper sounds a lovely idea though was he chuffed with the gifts in it?