Good morning Thursday 28/4/2022

Good morning all, it’s dull and miserable here.
Got GP appointment this morning and that’s it for the day, no other plans.
Have a nice day all.

This is my view behind my house.


Good morning Susie and all to follow…

A brighter day here and not so cold.

@susiejaeger - what a lovely view you have from your house Susie, give me sea air any day! :grinning:

Expecting grocery delivery today.

Enjoy your day everyone.

I thought I smelt pork this morning, when I looked in my bank account I found the government’s $250 election bribe.

The weather today was overcast as is getting usual. I received the part I needed for my generator so I fitted that and ran it for 20 minutes.

Nothing exciting happened so am watching the 7.30 Report about the election and Ukraine.

Have a good day.

A dull day today and a rather cool 8C. We have had a long stroll with the dogs, My wife and a few neighbours are starting to plan the party for the platinum jubilee. I’ll be the gopher/labourer/wine waiter/dog minder atc…

Good morning/ afternoon everyone, cold here under a cloudy sky, roll on spring…

I’m pretty late today as I’ve been over to Mum’s to mow her lawns and do a bit of pruning. Called in B&Q on the way back then cooked lasagne for lunch. No plans for the afternoon so we may tackle the latest Bond movie on Prime.

Enjoy the rest of the day peeps. :blush:

Afternoon all.

Barry, I watched that a week or so ago. I’m considering cancelling the movie portion of my Sky membership, seeing as I can watch on my Prime membership. Could save £30 a month.

Got my council rebate today, so went out to spend some. Asda shop and petrol.


Quite chilly here, stayed in waiting for a delivery.

I have a raging cold, started yesterday evening so taking things easy.

Have a good day all.

Well @Jazzi ,I don’t know what you thought of the film but we gave up on it after an hour or so, we found it totally incomprehensible, and a proper disappointment… First time ever we’ve not seen a Bond film to the end… :roll_eyes:

I thought it was ok. Laughed at car chase scenes, though.