Good morning Thursday, 27th Jan

Good morning all, milder here with drizzle but another fine day forecast with some sunshine later :sunglasses:

No big agenda for me today, my Mum will be joining us later for lunch and if it stays mild then I may turn over a couple of the vegetable raised beds ready for spring.

Our dog Alfie seems livelier this morning and a good night after his operation yesterday. He is eating, drinking and toileting so all is well and it seems. :+1:

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

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Good Morning, Barry and Alfie - and all who follow - Good afternoon Australia!

Quiet day planned here - but who knows. Waiting in for a postal delivery anyway.

It is very mild this morning - but very windy.

Have a safe day - Glad to know Alfie is on the mend, Barry!

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Good Morning all,
Well Barry and SilverTabby, you two are bright and early today! :crescent_moon::yawning_face:

I haven’t poked my nose outside yet so I haven’t got a clue what the weathers like out there, let me finish this coffee and I’ll be right on the case! I can hear the blackbird and the seagulls are already up

Work for me today, then a walk with our Walking for Health group

Have a good one, everyone xx

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Good morning all, it seems a bit milder this morning.

Barry glad to hear Alfie is doing well.

Got my Hospital app this afternoon for my back.

Have a nice day all.

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Good morning everyone…and Alfie

The weather forecast is good in North Yorkshire too…off into Harrogate today for some shopping…I’ve not said that for a while due to Covid.

I’m glad Alfie is doing well

Have a good day everyone

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Good morning!

Very mild here, considering it’s January, but low cloud and some rain on & off

This morning I’ll get on with my plans to learn about digital photography by reading a couple of books
Then this afternoon I’ll go to Boundary Mill, a local domestic store and buy a couple of pillows
Those I have, have become very lumpy & uncomfortable

Morning all.

Good to hear Alfie is doing well.

Susie, best of luck at the hospital! Give em hell. Or at least make it absolutely clear they need to do something to help you. :crossed_fingers:

Sis might pop round today, and I might not bother with the ladies lunch club. I don’t feel like paying £5 for food I am not keen on, and to listen to the host giving a lecture about food and nutrition and so on.

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Still humid, still only warm not what I call summer.

Picked up a package from the local Amazon box. Tomorrow I pick up the rest from my PO Box. It does annoy me that Amazon is not just one source.

Took the dog for a walk again this morning, schools go back at the end of the month to begin the new school year, Qld has put back the start by a fortnight but not NSW.

Have a good one

Morning all, grey, drizzly and windy here, today.
I still feel sleepy today.
Nothing much planned except am MRI on my feet this p.m.

Barry, glad Alfie seems more like his old cheerful self again this morning.

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A very good morning from Foxy’s World… :039:
Had to take car in to the garage this morning, so didn’t have time to peruse the forum for very long. A front wheel bearing, and front brakes sticking on…I burnt my hand on the brake disc on Tuesday after returning from the B&Q. I guess not driving it for a month hasn’t done it a lot of good.
Shorts weather this morning, so as soon as I’m done here I’ll go for my walk…Perhaps some jogging as well…
Good luck with the MRI Mupsy, and good to hear Alfie the hound is recovering well Barry…


Morning everyone, it’s a bit dull and grey here today.

It’s also Mr B’s birthday today. Any other time we would have a table booked for dinner this evening somewhere, but despite restrictions having been lifted, we’re still not comfortable with eating out. At least, not in the winter months. So we’ll spend time together indoors, same as any other day, lol!

Pleased to hear Alfie’s doing well after his op @Barry. And hope the MRI goes well @Mups

Have a good day everyone :blush:


Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: dull and drizzly and the temperature has jumped up to 9°C……

Off to the hairdressers later to get my hair shorn, mask wearing is still required there.

It is our Anniversary today, 49 years …… I’m surprised he still remembers to get me a card! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
No plans to go out anywhere, we’ll just reminisce over the years! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Barry … good news that Alfie is doing well this morning and has his appetite back.

@Mups … I hope all goes well with your MRI later.

@susiejaeger …. Good luck with your hospital appointment today

Enjoy your day folks….

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Happy Birthday to Mr B, Sheba …… I hope he has a lovely day. :birthday:

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Happy Anniversary Mags, 49 years is the same as us. We are fifty years in October…
I bet your hair looks lovely already, so enjoy your special day together… :hugs:


Good place for bargains!

Good Luck, Mups, will be thinking of you!

So ridiculously close to Friday for me but it’s a big hi and hope y’all are doing well from me anyway…

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Good luck at the hospital @Mups :crossed_fingers:

Sending good luck wishes to those attending hospitals.
And congratulations to those celebrating, one way or another.

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Morning all, dull drizzly but mid, nowt doing today, enjoy.