Good Morning Thursday 26/8

Good Morning all,

Going to be warm but cloudy here today.

Am going shopping with a friend and, no doubt, lunch will be included somewhere along the way.

Have a happy day!

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Good morning ST and those to come yet.
Very dull here, I think we might have had a drop of rain last night.
Nothing planned for the day.
Have a nice day all.

After two wet and windy days it was nice to have a sunny day. I wish it had been warmer but 18’ was OK after yesterday and I only needed a light jacket on my walk.

Another record number of covid cases according to the Premier this morning with over 1000 in NSW.

Enjoy your day.

Good morning everyone! Cloudy and cool just now, but the sun will be shining later. Scotland is in big trouble with rising Covid figures, so I’m expecting some restrictions in the near future. Cheerful thought :roll_eyes: Anyway, not much planned for today, a few admin things to do but that’s it. Have a lovely day everybody! :smiley:

Good morning.

Swapped my planned visit to the tip today, to a day next week. I need more time sorting out the spare bedrooms and their contents. Actually, I need human help! Just feel over whelmed by it all, and the stuff I’ve hoarded over the years.

I need to contact damp specialist firms to come and inspect inside my meter cupboard. Got a problem there.

A very good morning to one and all. Overcast but tolerable at the minute here in the Weald. Shopping list done and soon off to join the shelf snatchers filling up their trolleys with more than they need. :roll_eyes: have a good day . :wink:

Morning all

Jazzi sorry to hear you arecstruggling right now. I hope when you get rid of your hoard that a weight is lifted . Wish I lived close by, id come and help.

Todays plans are visit to the vet, my kodi is very poorly and I’m suspecting diabetes.

Taking my daddy into town , hes not been out for ages then me and daddy going to tidy up mummy’s grave and put fresh flowers on the grave. It was her birthday last week but I was ill with covid so couldn’t visit .

Have a good day all


Good morning everyone, overcast but mild again but chance of some sun this afternoon maybe :sunglasses:

Just back from a smashing walk through the forest with the hounds and contemplating the rest of the day over a brew. Mum and eldest daughter are joining us for lunch and we are serving fish 'n chips for a treat for Mum. It is her 92nd birthday on Sunday so we thought we would spoil her… lol. Rosemary is making a key lime pie for dessert which has just come out of the oven and smells wonderful so we may have to try it first to check it’s ok… :wink:

Have a good day folks :blush:

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Sounds like you’re all going through a rough patch at the moment Queenie, sending (((hugs))) and wishing you all a speedy recovery from your woes. :blush:

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Good morning all :smiley: Enjoy your day :bouquet:

Thank you Barry, we really are having a run of horrible times but im praying hard for strength to get us through. I wont pretend we aren’t fed up of all the chit and it needs to pack it in now. Xx

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Good Morning All

A much better night, change of medication seems much better.

I need to get home, CCU is filling up with Coivid patients.

I am double jabbed so can come out of isolation if at home.


Happy Thursday !

Urgh… what a few days I can tell you.

During the house buying we were due to exchange to a deadline of 23rd August at 17:00 as our sellers developers (the new build they are moving to) were already getting miffed by us delaying for a second time because our buyers decided at the last minute to do a home-buyers survey (see my thread on the flooded bathroom :lol: ). This last minute request delayed the exchange and completion by a week and resulted in our sellers having to reschedule their removal company as well, costing them about £1200 !!!

Anyway, the people buying our house are an older couple, buying it to rent out and are cash buyers. They don’t have mobile phones either making contacting them really frustrating. The survey was on the Friday last week and they promised faithfully they would sign their contracts and pay the deposit for the exchange to happen on the morning of the 23rd… the following Monday or preferably on the Friday afternoon.

So, they come into their solicitors on the Monday and take the contracts home with them and ponder over them for over 4 hours !!! When they get back to their solicitors at 16:30 they signed the contracts but the deposit wasn’t payed in time to clear by 5pm … so the result was a letter from the developers at 17:02 in the afternoon (who our sellers were buying the house from) calling the whole thing off and remarketing the house…

We were not happy !

Anyway, we managed to persuade the developers to wait one more day so they agreed with a 12pm deadline on the Tuesday , and at 16:45 (FFS) we exchanged the contracts, finally !

It’s been a tough few weeks I can tell you, but nearly at the end, we move on Tuesday next week.

Anyway, I’m rambling aren’t I :lol:

Have a great day !



Good morning busy people :smiley: oh joy, no headache and nausea after 8 days so I am hoping my body is adjusting to the new meds at last.

I need to catch up on some housework now I feel better and do some jobs in the garden.
The runner beans could do with a tidy ,they have gone from loads to none and the remaining tiny beans have withered I am not sure why. In a few days the next batch of French beans should be ready so I won’t get bean withdrawal symptoms .
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:.

@LionQueen good luck at the vets LQ (hugs) you really are having a rough time just now… :icon_sad:


Sorry to hear of your moving woes Bread it really is a stressful time, even without the hiccups it always seems to be buggered up somewhere… Hope it all works out for you. :+1:

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Good to hear you’re on the mend again Swimmy, but many more visits to the hospital and they’ll be putting you on the Christmas card list… :smile:

@swimfeeders Hi Swimmy :slightly_smiling_face: pleased to hear you are feeling better, hope you are allowed home very soon…

Good morning everybody.

I’m not planning on going out anywhere today. Tony will be painting the fence with wood preservative while I dead head & weed all my flower pots & prune some shrubs that are going a bit wild. Then the patio/path needs sweeping & cleaning with patio cleaner.

Finally I will be able to put out the newly painted patio table/chairs.

And relax…

Have a good day all. :blush:

Oh no, sorry to hear some of you are having a tough time, either with moving home, adjusting to meds, being poorly, or having sick pets. Sending hugs to all who need them.

Got a damp specialist coming round this afternoon to look at my internal meter cupboard. Talking to a neighbour the other day. They rent and have mould in places, but though it’s been inspected, couldn’t find a reason why, or give advice. Hope that’s not the case with my problem.

Good morning everyone, another warm day, though it’s quite cloudy out there at the moment.

Feeling a bit bad right now, because I should be leaving soon to go to the funeral of an ex colleague, but I’ve decided against going because the C19 figures for our area have been steadily going up for the last couple of weeks, and are currently around 50% higher than the national average. Also it was reported yesterday that after 6 months the protection from the vaccines can fall to around 50%. It’s 4.5 months since my 2nd jab, so I’m suspecting the protection could already be dropping somewhat. So all things considered, I’m honestly not confident about being inside the crematorium chapel with a lot of people!

So, feeling a little adrift now, because that was my plan for today, so will need to fill it some other way!

Hope you all have a good day :slight_smile: