Good morning Thursday 24th February

Good morning everybody.

I’m meeting my friend Jean today for lunch.

Tony is going to be lonely at home on his own so I’m taking him with me.
He did a bit of grumbling about having to sit listening to two women chatting but I told him he’s coming - Final!!

He’ll enjoy it really - we used to go out a lot with Jean & hubby Brian before Brian died last year.

After lunch we need to go to the shop we got the disability scooter from. I want to take out a years insurance on it. Also I want to ask them about ramps. I’m not happy keeping it outside - our front hallway is ideal but it has such a huge step that we need a ramp for…

Following that, a trip to Tesco for the weekly shop so quite a full day really.

Have a good day all…

Morning Carol and all that follow.
Grey and breezy here in Bristol. General tidying of the garden planned weather permitting
Have a good day all :+1:

Morning all.

Started to rain here, sitting at home as usual today.
I’m cooking dinner today, give him a rest.

Have a nice day all.

Wondering if I am watching the beginning of WWIII on the evening news.

Morning all.

I can never understand why one person decides to invade another country. What is going on in their minds?!

Meeting up at friends’ house this afternoon, with a few more (from coffee group), for a cuppa and chat.

If I have time this morning I want to change my bed. Bit of a whiff coming from the linen, suspiciously coming from Holly’s feet, so they will need wiping. She had ended up half under my pillow which meant I had to switch round, with head at the bottom of the bed. Love her.

Morning everyone, cold here but at least the rain has abated for the moment.

Visitors here for lunch today, my mum and eldest daughter, so lots to do first thing. May comb the dogs later if all else fails… lol

Have a good day folks :blush:

Good morning all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: bright and sunny here.

I have another appointment with my dentist this morning, the fourth one this month!

Must rush! :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy your day….

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Good morning all! Bright sunshine when we strolled the dogs. We went down the Roman Rig today. The workmen cleared a big tree so we were able to walk down there. To see this:

Somebody doesn’t maintain it.

Oh, I so agree with that, Jazzi.
What is it with these men and their hateful mind games.

A late good morning all.
Chilly, breezy and sun/cloud at the mo.

I have a few bits of washing out and they are blowing well, don’t know whether they will actually dry or not as its very damp everywhere.
Had a restless night with Gertie’s tummy playing up again, but she seems calmer at the mo.

It’s been a morning of paperwork so far, so just about to have some soup for lunch, then a few local errands, so nothing exciting.

Good morning all, it’s cold and showery today. I just popped down to Sainsbury to return a pair of trousers I bought yesterday - didn’t realise till I got them home that they had two black strips running down the outside of each leg. I mean, honestly, why would anyone think this is a good design feature on a pair of grey herringbone smart/casual trousers? They just looked ridiculous. Stripes on trousers should be on sportswear only, imho.

Off to The Box (recently opened museum) soon with our daughter and granddaughter. Really looking forward to seeing it, it’s had so many amazing reviews. Everyone I know who’s been have been blown away by it. Our granddaughter is, predictably, especially looking forward to seeing dinosaur bones :sauropod: :t_rex:.

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

scaffold just put up ready for ridge tiles to be put back in place and also a lead gully on the roof needs