Good Morning Thursday 23rd May 2024

Good morning to all those who venture here.

Am still in Katherine, visited the gorge today, didn’t take a boat ride but preferred to climb the gorge. It is just me but I always find boat rides go on for far too long, even the best of them.

Last time I came you scrabbled over rocks to get to the top now it is a stair way constructed from rocks with a hand rail. Nothing like as much fun.

Anyway have an exciting day all who follow here.


What a ‘Cracker’ Brucie it is…
Take The Dunes near Arcachon they all great fun if you can still climb… :person_climbing:
Shows what the climb is like now to what it was when we use to Camp there at the foot of the Dunes…

Sounds like your enjoying your trips me old ‘Cobber’
Bordies weather is it still>?


Good morning - Back into hospital today for the afternoon list of operations. General anaesthetic for Cystoscopy (rigid rather than flexible), Prostate biopsy and the fitting of a Ureter stent (kidney to bladder). Hope to be home tonight.

Wishing everyone has a better day than I might have. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed and a big hug to take with you, Mart. Sounds like a rotten day…hope it all goes smoothly and you get home tonight.


Morning all – overcast this morning and no sun forecast for the day

Good luck today Mart - hope all goes well

The forecast yesterday for heavy rain proved to be correct (well done Met. Office!). It did mean I got the ironing done and did some housework, have also now almost finished the second of the two books delivered on Saturday (I really must slow down – I am spending a fortune on books :pound:)

My neighbour called in yesterday afternoon with her usual batch of cup cakes, so good but oh so bad for the waistline! :cupcake:

Today I am off for the usual Thursday coffee, cake and gossip with a bunch of friends followed by grocery shopping

Take care – hope everyone has a great day


On a previous visit to Katherine I went on a tour of the “School of the Air” This time I just took a photo of the sign. It is a mass of studios where a teacher broadcasts to remote students on stations all over the NT. It used to be just a two way radio broadcast but these days it is much more like a Zoom call.

This was a previous visit:


I am terribly sorry that you are having to put up with what sounds like a necessary evil, Mart. I hope the results are positive and that you are home and feeling well as soon as possible.


Hope everything goes well for you @mart.


I have been thinking, I must have been how my parents celebrated D day being born in march 1945


Same year Hasbeen was born…gosh
Hope all goes as good as it can Mart. sounds a rough ride there but hope the results come good…

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Fingers crossed all goes well for you in hospital today , Mart.

I hope you will feel fit enough to return home tonight.

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I was sent home without the procedure being done. I have a waterworks infection and it was thought too risky to go ahead until it has cleared up (put on antibiotics). All gowned up and then nowhere to go. :slight_smile:


Old men’s disease I am afraid. I have something similar coming up (not the Cystocopy)