Good morning Thursday 23rd Dec

Good morning all, mild again here and dry now after a rainy old night…

Just about to take the dogs out then later after a coffee we will have a run over to Mum’s to take her gifts, we won’t see her Saturday as she’s going to my sister’s for the day. No other plans yet but may have to muck out my bathroom if nothing else presents itself… lol

Wishing you all good health and a pleasant day :blush:

Good morning all.

Hope you have got everything in ready for Chrismas.

Have a nice day all.

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Good morning everybody!

Still dark, and it sounds wet out there, with the cars “slooshing” down the road.

Getting some last bits of food things in, but other than that, not much planned.

Have a lovey day everyone :wave:

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Morning all. I was having a pleasant doze at about 7.30 when I got an unexpected lick on the face. The dog’s way of getting my attention to take her out, so had to dress hurriedly and go. It was still dark, and yes, had been raining, now stopped.

Seeing Susie’s posts elsewhere about her OH finding the Tesco’s manic at 6am makes me wonder, just when is the right time to get our own last minute bits? I may only want fresher bread and milk, but could bus into the town centre, if I judge the time right for catching the bus. And maybe pop into the library if open, so best check their times too.

To be perfectly honest, neither the dog nor I would starve. Local mini shops are open, even on the Christmas days, if I wanted to pay a premium price for milk, and there is bread in the freezer…if I don’t make it out, or stocks are low.

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Good morning everybody.

I need to do a bit of shopping at Tesco today - I dread the crowds but it’s got to be done. All I want is some fruit, boiled ham & salad stuff for Tony & me on boxing day. We’re out with family for a meal tomorrow night & we’ll be at Ady & Paula’s Christmas day.

At some point today I must whisk round with the Dyson as I will be having visitors tomorrow for my birthday.

Have a good day all…

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a really horrid day dark/misty/pouring with rain I suppose it could be worse if it was snow.

Just waiting for the Waitrose order to arrive, a lot is missing today but no problem I am not short of anything.

I am so cross with Hermes, I ordered a support for my very painful thumb and wrist over a week ago and it was listed on the tracking as ‘out for delivery’ on Sunday but never arrived then it suddenly went back to ‘its on its way’ . I appreciate they are very busy but accurate tracking would help.
I have ordered another support from Amazon paying for delivery and hope that arrives before the Christmas shutdown.

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a dark, dismal and damp morning.

I have a Sainsburys delivery today but unfortunately it won’t be arriving until 10-11pm, better late than never I suppose.

It will be a quiet Christmas again for us, hoping next year will be better.

Stay safe folks….


Morning everyone, dull and damp today.

Almost there now, just a couple of tidying up and cleaning things to do. But I also do have to go out and get some perishables - fruit, veg, cheese. Dreading the crowds but can’t be without these!

Hairdresser this afternoon, so I think it might be a very late dash to a supermarket this evening. I don’t think there’s any time that it’ll be less busy, not this close to the big day :roll_eyes:

Hope you all enjoy your day, frantic or otherwise :blush:

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Two of my kids arrived today with their family and dogs, so I have gone from being a saddo rattling around alone to a house with four adults, two children and two dogs.

The other one arrives tomorrow and her husband arrives on Christmas Day (The Department of Defence never sleeps)

We even had pizza for dinner!