Good Morning Thursday 23 June


Good Morning All.

A lovely start to the day as regards the weather and rhe birds in he garden.

I have the Red Cross coming this afternoon to take me shopping and to the cash point.

I have this for 6 weeks and they will also take me to any appointments, which is great.

Have a good Day All and stay safe.

Good morning everyone, blue sky again and forecast for another warm one today…

We have to go to Derby today to take a relative to see his oncologist, who has asked that he should take someone with him, so I doubt it will be good news…

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Good morning all, another hot and sunny day here.

Not going out today.

Swimmers that’s good that someone is looking after you.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone

Glorious day again here in Yorkshire …I will be in the garden all day…hopefully in shady spots :slight_smile:

Go swimmy :slight_smile: :grinning:

Have a great day all

Another sunny winters day, got the laundry on the line before attending a seniors meeting.

Did some shopping and had intended to regrease the remaining one of my camper’s bearings however I got sidetracked by phone calls so will do the bearing tomorrow morning.

Might watch a few episodes of Fisk this evening.

Enjoy your day

Good morning all! Going to be another scorcher. We have the groomer here shortly (for the dog, not me) then I’ll spray weed killer on the garden while they are gone.

Morning all.

Not sure of plans yet.

Good morning everyone, very hot here already.
I am waiting for my son to arrive, he is coming for coffee before he meets someone for lunch.

I am off to collect my medication when he goes, I am going on holiday next week when the children break up and it will be one job less to do next week.

Hot and humid here, it feels like thunder is in the air.

Work is slow today, thankfully so I’ll coast along until lunchtime and then get stuck in to the reports. My lad gets his results tomorrow for his degree so tonight we will be having a curry in preparation for the news tomorrow :wink:

Happy Thursday everyone !

A small success today, managed the “long” walk this morning and not out of breath or aching legs, WOOPPEE. Don’t know if not doing any walking for the last 2 days made any difference giving the pins a rest

Afternoon all.

My days are getting later because of the heat. The night didn’t get any cooler last night.

Plans are to stay as cool as I can.

Have a breezy day everyone.