Good morning Thursday 16th February 2023

Morning all!

I’m still catching up on sleep. :zzz: It still feels nice but my to do list is piling up. That takes away from the nice feeling a bit.

I did call a company to ask their hours. It’s annoying when none of them agree. I ended up calling a bunch of customer service reps and taking a poll of sorts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing today by ear.

Have a happy day everyone.

Good morning all.

Off to do my weekly shopping this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Sometime this morning, I will go round to my sister, put a birthday card through her letterbox. She apparently is working all day on overtime, so unable to see her till Saturday. I will then call into Aldi on the way home.

Later, will go in my garden. See what can be moved to give the gardener access to cutting the shrubs. Next door have given their permission for him to go in her garden so he can get to the bits overhanging on her side.

Good morning everyone, heavy rain earlier but clearing now, although it’s nice to see some rain after such a long dry spell.

We are heading off down to Derby today to meet up with Rosemary’s brother for a fish 'n chip lunch and a catch up with his news, nothing else planned for the day.

Have a pleasant day folks :slightly_smiling_face:


Good Morning All.

Slightly better after a rough few days.

My Care Package finishes tomorrow evening, back to full payment, but for increasts needs.

I hope you all have a good time.

good morn all
Got up early again as they are coming to measure up for a new front door and window. Normally we would not have bothered but “Mr Bodget” not only did not fit properly but also buggered up the letter box hole for some reason or other. He even polyfilled the lock plate as shown below instead of wood blocking it. I even had to file down the top bit that went into this below so it would fit

the door bell wire I did
on the hinge side one can easily see the different in gap from above the top hinge to below the lower hinge. must have done it while drunk

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: cloudy today after rain during the night.

Looks like it is back to the dreary days after a reasonable spell when I was able to sit out in the garden now and again after pottering around.

Expecting a grocery delivery later today.

Enjoy your day folks.

*. Good to see you back @Barry

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