Good morning Thursday, 16 December

Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all. :039:

Pitch black out there so no idea of what the weather is like, other than it’s still reasonably mild.
Dry and mild with bright spells is the forecast. Maximum temperature 11ºC.

Christmas cards to post after buying stamps, these were out of stock yesterday.

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.

Morning Baz, and all who follow!

Its dark, wet and 10 degrees. Having my first coffee and thinking I don’t have much to do today. Posting a parcel, food shopping, and that’s it really.

Have a lovely day everybody! :smiley:

Good Morning All

A busy night in CCU, some very ill patients brought in, so no sleep

It looks very miserable outside and no sign of s coffee yet.

It is hard over time for the nurses then bloods, meds, breakfast and hopefully home around lunch.

Have a good day all and stay safe.

And the same to you :slight_smile:

Good morning all, its a bit milder this morning.
Nothing planned for me today, just resting my back.
Have a nice day all.

Good Morning. The Mid East getting hammered weather wise again. Here it’s mild with a high in the 50s. Have a great day.mission-get-out-of-bed-status-close-enough-6300848

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Good morning everybody.

I’m meeting some ladies from one of my face-book groups for lunch today in Derby.

I think it will be an all day event. I am going on the bus so I can have a few glasses of wine…

Luckily Ady is taking Tony out for the day.

Have a good day all…

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Good morning everyone… Very misty here in Yorkshire this morning it looks quite mystical looking out over the fields.

today is both my grandsons birthdays as they were born on the same day but 5 years apart so its a big day for us… already had two facetimes and a commentary on presents and how they work especially the transformers which turn from robots to cars and back again … very technical :slight_smile:

Swimmy hope you are Ok and home soon.

Have a good day everyone

Morning everyone. It looks ever so slightly brighter than the last couple of days, but still overcast.

Will have to go out later, got to pick up a few things from Dunelms and Hobbycraft, then I think I might brave Sainsbury on the way back.

Have a good day everyone - 9 days to go, yikes!!

Morning all.

Happy birthday to both summer’s GC.

I did think I’d be shopping with sis for her present but she has booked a hair appt instead. So I will go into town, to the pharmacy for my repeat meds, library, books in maybe some out, and possibly Wilko and M&S. her next day off is Monday so she’s cutting it a bit fine.

Might get a little noisy from next door later. I have been forewarned that there will be a little party when kids home from school, to remember their gran on her birthday. Maybe I should have done that for my own mum yesterday! I have a new set of Bluetooth headphones, already paired with the telly, if I need to block out any disturbance (for my soaps, etc).

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Morning all

I’m at work and I’ve just eaten poached egg, beans, hash brown and toast, it was yum yum and went in my tum! Free too!

Finishing work at 11.30am then I will go to Dads.

I have an order for a poem gift to do when I get home and that’s all I have planned today so I think I’ll put my feet up and watch some Court Cam we’ve recorded on Channel Blaze. I really like that programme, madness what goes on in American courts!

Summer, let me know if the boys like their special cards, wish I could see their faces. Have a lovely family day

Have a good day all.

Good morning everyone, busy day here too with visitors, in fact there will be five generations here at lunchtime comprising my mum, us, our eldest daughter, a granddaughter and our newest great granddaughter so will be a pleasant occasion, particularly as my mum hasn’t met newest great granddaughter yet, which will of course be her great great granddaughter ! I will try to post a photo of us all tomorrow… :blush:

Have a pleasant day folks


I showed them to pals yesterday Bev everyone really laughed at the Sheffield Wednesday one… I know they will both love them. Lovely cards and so personal…thankyou x

Good morning everyone :smiley: it is so dark and gloomy .

I went out to a nearby town yesterday but my little outing, the first there for 2 years and the last for a long time was a bit of a disaster. First the car park machine kept refusing my coins , someone said ‘Use you App everyone does’ I don’t have a smart phone let alone an App :icon_rolleyes:. I resolved the issue eventually by going to another machine which took my money.
Then there was a long wait of 35 mins at the tiny bank with other customers failing to keep a distance and breathing down my neck, at least the bank accepted the cheque which was covered in stains having accidently been thrown in the bin.
And finally my favourite shops seemed to have disappeared and been replaced by nail bars and hair salons. I was glad to get home :icon_sad:

I am going to prepare lunch then give the sitting room a good clean.
Enjoy your day .


This sort of thing really annoys me, Meg.
I resent being forced into using my phone for this sort of thing. They don’t give a damn about the older people, and can only be bothered to cater for the 20 year olds.
Glad you got sorted in the end.

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