Good morning Thursday 16/06/2022

Good morning all, another beautiful hot sunny day here.
Its my birthday today and I feel like an old woman in her 90s.
Have a nice day all.
Here is a photo of me this morning.

Good morning all, and a very happy birthday go you Susie :tada::birthday::gift::clinking_glasses:

Looks like being a warm one here too, but I’ve nothing to do apart from collecting my mum who is coming for lunch today, and then I may get a couple of hours of deckchair time in the garden later.

Enjoy the day :blush:

Morning all.

Someone might want to change the date, to the 16th.

Have a lovely day, Susie.

Off out soon for my marathon walk to Morrisons. I have my bus pass, if there is the remote chance of catching a couple of buses home, lol.

Good morning all.

Well spotted about the date, Jazzi. :+1:

Susie, I hope you have a lovely Birthday and enjoy every minute of it. :birthday: :champagne:

Another hot day forecast, but I can’t get on outside for long. The garden’s as dry as a bone again

your 10 days too late, it is the 16/6/2022 today, daily walk done now for a nice bath in a minutes or so

Good morning all :grinning:

Happy Birthday Susie!

We are visiting our daughter shortly, hoping to find a shady spot in her garden to sit for a chat.

Enjoy your day folks…

I’ve changed it now Janet.


Good Morning all.

It is too hot for me here all ready - and due to hiy 78f by lunchtime. Fortunately I have a necklace to repair for friend so can hibernate in the craft room - coolest place in the house.

Take care - don’t melt!

Cool but sunny (19°) today.

I managed to get my bedding washed then took the car to the local garage to get a rego test (like MOT I think) by the time I arrived home I received a message from Service NSW to tell me that my car was registered for another year.

Still waiting for the council to change my 120litre garbage bin for a 80litre bin, I bit the bullet to have it changed because I only put it out about once a month. It saves me over $100 a year on my rates.

Have a good one.

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Morning all.

Happy birthday Susie! I hope you have a great day and many happy returns.

Slept for 9-10 hours last night. :sleeping: So nice! It’s been a busy couple days with a grocery store delivery, watering the yard and 2 live online classes and an online challenge. Grateful to get some rest after that.

I’m hoping to get more rest today and talking to my favorite person on the phone later.

Tomorrow I plan to dig into the stuff that was delivered yesterday.

Have a glorious day everyone.

Damn it’s hot out there 30c in the car, hotter than two rats bonking in a woollen sock, I need a beer.

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Enjoyed my walk to the retail park. Took about 25 minutes going, and maybe longer on the return leg. Needed a few stops to catch my breath, and we both pulled shopping trollies. We did a couple of stores, shop in Morrisons, then had a cuppa, before trudging back home. And yes, I do ache a bit now.

What an interesting analogy - not heard that one before!

:grinning: And it’s going to be hotter tomorrow, I believe it’s Gods way of telling us to drink more beer.