Good Morning Thursday 15th June 2023

Morning all!

Another day of sleeping a lot yesterday. :zzz: I’m grateful for the sleep.

Playing some Netflix games in between sleep and trying to eat when I can.

I’m giving up on plans for a bit. No plans today.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!
Nice & bright & sunny again

Nothing much planned for today
I have hobbies, but it would be a shame to stay indoors in this weather so I’ll make an effort and get out somewhere. Options are -

A stroll round town & the park
A drive out to the local countryside
Go on a bus ride using my bus pass

Whichever I do I’ll take my camera, and probably have a pub lunch somewhere

Morning all, another hot and sunny day here.

We are having a BQ today.
Kofta minted Kebabs.
Tandoori Kebabs.
2 Sausages each.
Bake beans.
Jacket potato.
BQ sauce.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Enjoy your bbq Susie.

I will start reloading the car this morning, and wait for sis. She won’t be here till after lunch.

good morning/afternoon.
Its cooler today, so I will go another walk to the River across a couple of fields and back . I really enjoy this walk I can also go through a woodland .
Have a nice day ,