Good Morning Thursday 15/09/2022

Yes it is going to be one of those days . Must be the result of a painful arm after the 5th covid jab yesterday

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Good Morning all.

Not the best of days, not very warm and a stiff breeze.

The nurse put me on bed rest yesterday, which is impossible if you live on yourr own.

I am however being sensible today and doing very little apart from the essentials.

I drove to Sydney this morning to pick up my friends from the airport, Waited in a convenient parking spot a few minutes from the airport and waited their call. Once they were in the 15 minute express zone I drove over and picked them up.

Decent enough drive back to Wollongong considering that it was a working day, No hold ups.

Rained after we got home but it was only a shower

Good morning! :wave:

I have a class this afternoon, but this morning I have been looking at ways to organise the garden for bird feeder’s and tables. I’d like to maximise the decking for this and use the surrounding trees. I’m hoping for some photography practice through the winter as well. Other than that I’m not really doing very much.

I hope everyone has a lovely day :smiley:

Good morning all, dull and cloudy this morning.
Both of us have caught a cold, not COVID, have tested us both.
So not going out anywhere today.
Just done some washing and is outside on the line.
Have a nice day all.