Good morning Thursday 12th

Good morning everybody … I’ve lots to do outside today.

Repot my sundance & a few other plants.

Scrub my patio & garden path with Pro-Kleen patio cleaner. It’s fantastic. Scrub in, leave on for a few hours & hose off.

Dead head & weed all my flower pots.

Shift a few heavy tubs around with the help of my pot carrier…

Also a pork chop dinner to cook so that’ll do me for today…

Have a good day all. :blush:

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Hi Carol and those to come.
I had a really bad night couldn’t sleep and still in pain, so just sitting around in the garden for me.
Have a nice day all.

good morning, sun is up and looks like a nice dry day. Have the lawns to mow and feed the containers, then get the bikes in the car, away tomorrow for the week, up to north Yarkshire, don’t tell Juddley

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A lovely start to the day here.

I am being taken shopping and a coffee, it will be good to get out.

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Good morning everyone, a sunny one here and pleasantly warm at the moment.

It is mucking out day for us at Barry and Rosie Towers, prior to a family day here on Sunday when we are expecting around twenty people which includes five generations. We have hoovered and mopped through already, just having a brew now before putting down the fresh sawdust… :joy:

Hope you are all well and that you have a pleasant day. :blush:

Good morning everybody! Today I have to take the dog across town to get groomed. I’ll do a before and after picture - it’ll be nice to see her not look as scruffy! It means travelling on trains so fingers crossed she’ll not whine and make a nuisance of herself. Other than that, just tinkering and pottering. Have a lovely day everyone :smiley:

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a beautiful sunny start to the day.

Expecting our son to arrive in a couple of hours. This will be the first time we’ve seen him for almost 2 years due to C-19, He’ll be staying with us for a few days.

Our daughter is off to the hospital this morning for her 3rd Chemo
treatment, She is hoping she will feel well enough to see him during his stay.

Sainsbury’s delivery later today.

Enjoy your day ….


Good morning everyone, a bit dull and drizzly here at the moment but I think it’s going to improve :crossed_fingers:

Meeting up with one of my nieces and her family later for an early evening meal, I haven’t seen her for something like 16 or 17 years, though we keep up to date on Facebook. Her son is competing in some sort of dinghy sailing championships down here so they’re here for the week, and then off up to Bude for a week before going home to London. It will be lovely to see them all!

In the meantime, I think I’ll be making some more cards, after getting my lovely little alphabet rubber stamp set yesterday! It’s so cute, individual stamps for each letter, upper and lower case, so any text comes out a little uneven, which really adds to the charm of it!

Have a fun day whatever you’re up to :slight_smile:

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Sounds really good - hope you will put up some photos!

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Good morning - It’s overcast here but expected to brighten up later.

Going to the car boot sale that’s held each Thursday in the grounds of the Community Centre. Just a short walk from where we live. Mrs mart wants some jewellery bangles that she can use for making beadwork items. Can often find that sort of thing at car boot sales.

Allotment for me this afternoon.


Thanks ST, nothing like your standard, but they are fun and I enjoy making them! I’ll post some photos when I’ve made more x

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Good Morning everyone,

Start of the Grouse season today - must put a bottle on the shopping list!

Going shopping and to a Chinese restaurant for lunch today.

Have been commissioned to make a 50th birthday card for someone who likes Cats, Port, Harry Potter, Prosecco, and favourite colour is purple - so a visit to Hobbycraft is definitely on the agenda.

Have a safe day.

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Morning everyone.

Oh Mags, how wonderful for you, to see your son after all this time. Hope D’s chemo session is ok.

Wishing happy holidays for those packing their suitcases and departing.

Barry, you have your ‘cleaner’s’ hat on today.

Carol, enjoy your gardening.

Holly is still not herself. Tried getting her out just now for a walk but she wandered up the road a bit and kept stopping, not even doing a wee. I had let her out the garden just before so just maybe…. She has gone back to bed, tried barking but still can’t. Hopefully me and the neighbours can expect some peace and quiet from her for a few days while her mouth heals. I will do her some scrambled egg about lunch time, and will try her pain relief in dog milk.

I plan on staying home with her today, while the GA wears off, and keep a close eye on her. I have an appt in the morning for a hair cut, south of town, so have booked her in for daycare, so she has someone with her. He can give her the pain relief at lunch time, and maybe some soft dog food. Doubt she will want to crunch biscuits for a few days. The vet cleaned right under the gum line I was told so she will be sore.

Right then, some breakfast.


Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: sunny and bright.
After a hair wash I am heading into the garden to do some jobs including staking the rapidly growing second lot of french beans and picking runner beans to give to neighbours. The family are off to Derbyshire to see family up there so they won’t want them.

@Mags Mags how lovely to see your son today, I am lucky I have been able to see mine regularly though ache for a hug from him :icon_sad:

@susie Susie I am sorry you are having so much pain, does anything help a soak in a hot bath maybe,stretching. When my back is bad I lay flat on the floor and stretch by pointing my toes and lifting my arms onto the ground behind my head and staying like that for a few moments.

@Jazzi Jazzi I hope Holly brightens up through the day.
Poor Chloe has to have a toe amputated and a lump removed from her eyelid in the next few weeks . I am really dreading it :icon_sad: I am building her up beforehand with a special supplement to help support her liver. I dare not even think about the bill.


@Meg, oh poor Chloe! Yes, I should imagine you will be worried.

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Oh Mags I must have skipped past your post - what lovely news about your son :heart:. I do really hope your daughter will be well enough to see him, even if briefly. Have a wonderful reunion!!

Mags that’s fantastic such a long time. Hope your daughter gets to see him as well even at a distance is she shielding as such? Love to you all.

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Good Lord Meg how frightening for you, hugs and positive thoughts coming your way keep us informed if you can. Hugs

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Carol does that really work well seen it but never tried it?

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@Kazz thanks Kazz :slightly_smiling_face: Chloe’s liver enzymes are raised making a general anesthetic '‘risky’ so she is taking meds for a couple of weeks before the operation to try to improve things .