Good Morning Thursday 12th October 2023

Morning all!

I must be more tired than I thought. I could have sworn I already started this thread.

More good news. Another big piece of my stressful project was successfully completed. I just need to check a few things and it should be done.

It got cooler yesterday.

I’m still watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I might start a binge watch.

Today is a rest and relaxation self care day. I hope it works out that way.

Have a good day everyone.


Hair cut this morning, then nothing else planned. We have had rain here so won’t go to allotment today.

Morning all, not very nice weather today, rained last night and a bit this morning.

Nothing planned form the day.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all just off to work so have a good day everyone. The british gas bill is due so will have a sit down before reading that I think as no gas been on central heating wise. Be interesting to see what my bill is.

Good morning
Rained here too in the night . I have a food delivery this morning ., then after thats put away the day is mine .

Ive been watching some BBC films on Iplayer , story lines are sad , wonder if they no longer make Happy ones anymore .

Have a nice day everyone

Good morning all .
had a fab time yesterday on the I.O.W.
Today is a day for lolling sigh it’s dark it’s raining

Take care xxx


Good Morning All

Unexpectedly dry so far, a nice change from yesterdays heavy rain.

Today I will be sorting paperwork until such time as I get fed up with it.

Enjoy your day all.

Good morning!
Bright & dry & sunny!

Got up late, and by the time I’d come to, done some tidying and had a shower, it’s now almost mid day
Going into town soon to do shopping & errands including picking up another library book I’d ordered