Good Morning Thursday 12th May 2022

Full of democratic joy after my seniors meeting today I called into the pre-poll voting place to vote in the upcoming Federal Election.

As is my want I cast a donkey vote straight up the paper because the Greens were at the bottom and the sitting member at the top - I always put the sitting member last in the hope that we become a marginal seat because only marginal seats get any attention from either political party.

The only downside to this was that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party of loonies and nutters got my second preference, hey ho…

Even voting in the Senate is more fun these days because you only need to mark 12 candidates when voring below the line (it used to be every candidate had to be numbered below the line - could be 80 or more!)

My new filaments for my 3D Printer arrived this morning so will be stuck into that this arvo.

Apart from that I nearly managed to post this in the morning of this wet, miserable and cold day (21°C).

Enjoy your day when it eventually arrives :wink:

I nearly forgot…

Happy Saint Pancras Day.


Good Morning All.

Noticeably cooler this morning with a heavy dew.

Some planting out to do when it gets warmer.

Have a good day all.

Good morning everyone, rain all day yesterday which the garden was thankful for, and a clear sky this morning so looks like being a pleasant sunny day.

Just about to head off to the forest with the dogs and then, after coffee, we are taking our daughter to the hospital for an operation , then hopefully we can pick her up and take her home again this evening, but nothing else on my re-do list for today.

Have a good day folks :blush:

Good morning all, nice and sunny here.

Off out this morning with OH into Town with the car, to buy a Garden Buddha Statue, OH can carry it to the car.

Barry hope you’re daughter’s op goes well for her.

Have a nice day all.

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Morning all.

Barry, hope all goes well with your D.

Haven’t a clue what I will be doing today, or what I feel like doing. Will just see hour by hour…

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Good afternoon all its a lovely sunny day again here in Sudbury.

Just unpacked all my stuff from last Saturdays show … what a belter that was. Here is a photo of me and one of our singers, and note the sign behind me LOL.

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All I can see is “Food Allergies and Intolerances”. There are some smaller words but I can’t read them. I can’t imagine what it says after that heading either. Let me guess. . . eat at your own risk. If you’re allergic to something, don’t eat it.

On that note, I just ordered some groceries online. Should be delivered this afternoon.

The weather is lovely, overcast with sun in the afternoon. I hope it rains after I get my order in.

Have a play-filled day everyone!

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