Good Morning Thursday 11th July 2024

Good morning all you feisty, forum, followers on this sunny Fursday (is that a step too far?)

Seniors’ club meeting this morning it was nice to get out again. Wore a mask jut in case I was still infectious (I doubt I am). Now have to write up the minutes though to be honest it is pretty formulaic.

It’s bin day too, I am going to try to squeeze in a child’s bean bag, I am fed up with it about the house but it is full of polystyrene beads which take up so much room and I only have an 80 litre bin, just hope it will fit.

Hope to spend the arvo sitting in the garden in the sun reading.

Take care all.


Good morning - The Sun is shining and not much to do today apart from a lunchtime pint of beer and a bag of crisps at the pub with a friend. Being almost regular at the pub on Thursdays (or Thirstdays :slight_smile: ) we’re starting talk to a few others who go there. Still only have the one pint though.

Might watch a bit of tennis later or spend time in the garden if the Sun keeps shining.

Wishing everyone a good day. :slight_smile:


G’day all. @Bruce I’ve just googled how to dispose of bean bags. Big conundrum in Australia it seems.

How to Dispose of a Bean Bag Chair: Eco-friendly Solutions and Tips.

Good luck with that,

Enjoy your lunchtime pint @mart I haven’t done that in years!

Beeb says max 22 C today. What a scorcha! Might go to Hyde Park.


Good morning everyone.
Haven’t decided yet what I shall do today though there is plenty to do in the garden so that might be my direction of travel - the weather is set fair today so I don’t really have an excuse not do some weeding and snipping.
I’ve sorted some clothes and books for the charity bag and have put that out for collection.
The Test Match is going well - WI first innings 121 and we’ve exceeded that losing just 3 wickets so far, so that will be on in the background.
Enjoy your pint Mart, your visit to Hyde Park dood and your tennis viewing Bruce.
Happy Thursday!


Morning all – sunny start to the day although a bit cloudy

Good news is that yesterday’s meeting with a new group was very successful. Met a lot of very friendly welcoming people – will definitely be going again. :smile: The person who recommended me to the group also told me about a couple of other clubs locally – he gave me his number so I can contact him when I get back and arrange for him to introduce me to them. Looks like my social life will be improving! :038:

More good news – my Kindle has decided to start working again! Was about to investigate how to dispose of it responsibly, thought I would give it one last go and it works! Tried it again this morning, just to double check and yep it is still working :026:

Neighbour called in with her weekly supply of cupcakes – I swear it is her aim in life to ensure I don’t lose weight – I only eat them because it would be rude to refuse (also they are delicious!) :cupcake:

Plans for today are to pack ready for my trip tomorrow and sort through the fridge to check what will last until I get back (only away for 5 days). Fortunately it is not an early start - 9.45 (I am not a morning person!)

Dinner with neighbours tonight - should be fun (usually is!)

Take care – have a great day everyone


That’s probably because it knew it was threatened with disposal and thought it had better pull its socks up. :slight_smile:


Wet again this morning but we still walked with the wee dog. Then we went to our friends to water the greenhouse - she and her husband gent to Greece on there honeymoon. They are a lovely couple.


Overcast and wet here in South Yorkshire, so just meandered around my 3 mile canal towpath walk. It still looks like it could bucket down any minute…
Scraped the car on the garage wall yesterday and just had a quote for over five hundred quid…
I don’t think so… :009:


Daily walk just completed in this heat. not so much of an effort this time . Travel info just arrived ie luggage labels and info on flight booking in etc. So as one can guess the Portugal fly/ river cruise is not far off now
Also new trainers shoes arrived ready to get broken in so almost all set now


Well, it has stopped raining. My wife has gone up to her other neighbour - she is unable to walk now so they regularly chat and my wife brings her meals a few times a week. We are lucky with us and our neighbours in our cul-de-sac.


Enjoy your trip and the river cruise !


Good morning,
Another hot and humid day day on the US east coast.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’” —Audrey Hepburn

Have a safe and wonderful Thursday.


Good afternoon everyone, very hot and humid here too @raven1, it’s 36C at the moment, 2.20pm, and temperatures still rising. I know exactly what I’m going to do for the rest of the day, stay in, away from the
scorching heat, Netflix marathons!


Good link. I had no idea that memory foam wasn’t recyclable. That is bad news for all the mattresses that are now made primarily of that stuff.

I envisioned you pressing too hard and the thing exploding :rofl:. That certainly would have happened if I was the one doing it.

That sounds like an enjoyable routine, mart. The enjoyment of beer is a mystery to me, but ten thousand years of partaking suggests that the majority would disagree :grin:

You seem to have a neighborhood of kind and social people. I’d be in big trouble if someone brought me cupcakes so often! You must have a lot of willpower.

Lucky you with the Kindle self-healing. I had that happen to a ceiling fan recently and I felt like I had won the lottery! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it!

Cul-de-sac living is the best. No better place to raise kids, in my opinions. Quite nice of you to help out with your neighbor’s plants.

We called that a family tradition at my parents’ house! Sorry to read about the damage.

That’s exciting! I am looking forward to reading about your adventures. Be sure to let us know about the wildlife. :rofl:

It’s Africa hot this morning and dead still. Now that we have had Maggie for some time, I am starting to test her off leash to see whether she stays close, bolts, or wanders off. The sweet girl is an angel; she made sure she kept me in eyesight and came to me immediately each time I called.

This made me realize that I have not yet introduced Huckleberry Finn to the forum. We adopted him when we adopted Maggie; it was a matter of two different workers suggesting two different dogs when I requested a dog that that either had been injured, abused, or would otherwise be unwanted. Both had been shot, abused, and abandoned, so there was no way I could say no, sucker that I am. He is mostly Coon Tree Walker Hound, a breed with which I was mostly unfamiliar. Feral and berzerk at first, it took him forever to learn his name, he had zero eye contact, thrashed like a banshee when put on a leash, and the entire contents of the house became a chew toy to destroy. Just a few months later he has become a very good boy and I absolutely adore him:

BTW, that object behind him is a water gun that I have had to use when he and his brother decide not to go all the way downstairs to the grass to relieve themselves. I wish I had thought of a water gun when teaching my son to close the lid :sunglasses:.

It’s bureaucracy day here at the house - bills, taxes, and other unsavory paperwork.

I hope you have a good day (and that no one has need to chase you with a water gun)!



Like your dog! Just about a year ago our Collie, Max. Very sad. Now have a new little girl, a Springer Spaniel.

She has such a beautiful temperature.


Very sorry to hear about Max. It’s a terrible and personal loss.

Your new girl is adorable! It is such a pleasure to get to know them, isn’t it! Springers are lovely dogs. Congratulations!


Thank you kindly, Surfermom. A quite few years we had family across the pond. The mum made the the wee boy was safe from Max, the big dog. Unfortunately, the mum didn’t close the bedroom door - result was entry to monster dog:

Just beautiful…

Some years later they got so attached. Max kept the wee lad safe:


@Besoeker, those pictures tell a wonderful story about everyone involved. While I know Max was yours, there isn’t anything much better in life than a boy and a dog.


Here too, raven. It looks like it’s going to be several days before we get any relief. You would think it was July out there! :rofl:

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Disposing of anything other than landfill seems to be a big problem here, we don’t recycle soft plastics, batteries, shredded paper, polystyrene it all goes to landfill, though after few fires in garbage trucks some councils have set up a battery recycling point.