Good Morning --> Thursday 11/11/21

Good morning to all those OFF members looking in despite what your local time might be.

I am up early even for me and after some fitful sleep I decided to rise and shine, but not too much shining this early, lol.
Whatever you are doing today, I hope it all goes to plan with everything you do, and remember, be careful and spare a thought for those less fortunate that ourselves …:wave:


Another cloudy cold day, didn’t even make 20° but so far it hasn’t actually rained where I live today so far however the ground is saturated (9mm yesterday). It’s November for god’s sake! La Nina has a lot to answer for.

Spent a bit of time levering dandelions out of my front lawn, (garbage day in the morning)

They do recognise Remembrance Day here but it is much less of a ceremony than ANZAC Day in April.

Anyway take care.


Good Morning everyone

Nothing much planned… will definitely get out in the garden weather permitting

Have a good day all


Good morning all.

Nothing planned for the day, got a Telecom Man coming at 8.30am this morning and that’s about it.

Have a nice day all.


Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all. :039:

Drizzle, fog and low cloud only slowly clearing through the morning is the forecast. Turning brighter into the afternoon and with a maximum temperature 14°C at least it’s mild.

Nothing much planned for today, other than some of the usual mundane household chores, those never seem to end.

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.


Morning all.

Out for lunch at the over 60s lunch club with our coffee group co host. Hope it’s nice.

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And a good morning from me too.

A mild start here but foggy earlier on, clearing now though.

Back from walking the dogs and having our usual brew before visiting my Mum for an hour or so, nothing planned for later but who knows, maybe something exciting will turn up… or perhaps not…

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:


Good morning everyone!

Awaiting delivery of the Moon today. I bought it 2 days ago, and its arriving today. Clearly its quicker buying the Moon, than it is trying to get a couple of cushions from China!

(Its actually a small moon lamp for one of the rooms, just to clarify! :joy: )

Other than that, no plans. I hope everybody has a lovely day :wave:


Hello good morning

Today it’s a spa day for my little fella (Jake the dog) somehow he seems to know and is hiding under the bed !

After dropping him off I’m meeting my sister for cake coffee and some shopping . Perfect day

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a pleasant sunny day, still quite mild.

Washing is out on the line blowing gently in the breeze.

Sainsburys grocery delivery later today.

Off to sweep up more leaves now.

Enjoy your day folks :smiley:

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Today is a national holiday in the US, Veteran’s Day. 11/11/21

The OP got the date in the right order. . . or did he? :smile:

Nothing special planned. Hoping for a quiet day.

Have a great day people!

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month …yep, that IS correct :wink::+1:


Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: another bad night so I am taking things slowly today.

I have a couple more Christmas gifts to buy so will do that online this afternoon.
Enjoy your day :grinning:

Good morning everyone.

I feel lousy today I have a bad cold and I’m struggling to concentrate. I haven’t got COVID because I’ve done my test but I’m not surprised I’m getting infections now that I’m mingling in crowds again.

Hey ho … overcast and drizzling here, just the sort of weather for me to install an outside power socket to run the lights for the tree in the garden… not, so I think I’ll leave it to the weekend.

Happy Thursday everyone !

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What about a good session twanging away for an hour? I find a good ole session on my axe drives any symptoms away :+1::guitar::ok_hand:

yeah I’m doing that now on my blue Musicman. It’s loud as well, just what I need.


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