Good morning Sunday 6 March

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining here, so dare we hope to think spring is on its way?

It has been raining for most of the day, managed to get out for a walk early this morning. Now the forecast is for a few more days of rain and the swollen rivers are rising again.

It has rained every day for a fortnight tomorrow, I can’t remember anything like it.

My Monday meeting has been cancelled because the area is flooded.

Ho hum it’s very wet

Good morning all, a smashing morning here with sun and a very slight breeze albeit from a chilly direction. :sunglasses:

Just a bit of servicing to finish on my Jeep then I will probably have an hour in the garden later.

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Good morning everyone! Just back from a lovely walk in the frosty countryside. Its looking to be a bright sunny day here for the most part, so I shall do a bit of a gardening and some baking later.

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

Good morning! … and Ugh!

It’s bright & sunny & fairly warm so I’ve been up early
I joined a couple of Facebook Groups for my hobbies, and as I saw more appearing I joined some more.
So now I’m in a Group for ‘Fingerpost signs and antiquated street furniture’
It records things like old fashioned signposts, manhole covers, railings, street name plaques, and all that sort of stuff - who me, a sad old man?

Well I live in an old Lancashire mill town, where many of the buildings & streets date from the late C19 & early C20, ie Victorian & Edwardian
I’ve had my eye on a couple of old buildings & railings for months, so This morning I set off early while the streets were quiet and photographed them

Now I’m back home having a cup of tea, then I’ll be out later to have dinner at Clarion House near Newchurch - in - Pendle; it’s the last remaining Socialist Tearoom

Not as warm out as I’d have liked. I had to chivvy the dog away from all her stopping and sniffing.

Have sorted out lunch (roast beef slices, with roast veg and frozen cauli cheese). All ready to start cooking for lunch time.

Still thinking of when to go to the retail park, but actually there is no rush. Maybe in the week.

I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon cooking, which was horrible because it was coming from next door, and it really made me want some. :slightly_frowning_face:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: drizzly but not too bad. I went out early to take a parcel to Waitrose and bought a couple of things. It is so long since I have been shopping in person I had forgotten where things were. I find shopping time consuming and stressful and am happy sticking to a weekly delivery .

I bought some organic tea and bottled water free from chlorine, I have become addicted to Kombucha so am going to make my own. I already have the jars from making Kimchi and have ordered a scoby which should arrive this week.

I hope it goes better than the Kimchi making which filled the house with a smell of rotting cabbage so I had to give up making that.

Good morning all :grinning: a very chilly 5°C here, hoping the washing will dry out on the line. I yearn for the warm Spring days :sunny:

Enjoy your day folks….

Good morning all,

I have spent half the morning working out bills, banking, and where the money goes!

I clipped Liffey yesterday, and she looks beautiful if I do say so meself. :smiley:
I’ve done some washing but its so dull and cloudy now, I think it will have to dry indoors.

Just found this beautiful dark Magnolia, this morning . . . . awfully tempted . . . shall I? :thinking:



Mups, I sometimes add up all my extra spending, places like home bargains, Wilko, The Range, b&m, etc., and think ‘why did I need or want all that?’

Aside from the regular DDs, I can often spend around £700 per month, on heaven knows what! This scares me, as I do like to try and save when and what I can. I have been to two supermarkets in the past week, and topped up with petrol, so am holding off going again as long as possible.

My problem is I love shopping…

I know the feeling, Jazzi.
It’s mostly my animals and my garden I spend too much on.
Just as well we don’t go shopping together aint it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The sun is shining here too but the wind is still bloody cold.

Yes it was when I went out in it! Very deceptive. I have stopped taking notice of people walking past in bare sleeves or legs, or coatless, and wear my thicker coat. Been caught out many a time.

Probably a male/female thing so I dislike shopping. I was a single dad when my kids were young so we had to do a weekly shop. I made a master spreadsheet that covered anything. Then, for the weekly, shop I ticked the items we needed for that week. Plus one treat for each of the kids.

So off we went with our list. Each of the children helped to find things in different aisles. We were usually done within about quarter of an hour. The check out at the tills was usually waiting for that.

@Mups Yes to the magnolia its beautiful

That’s a beautiful Magnolia, Mups … I haven’t seen that colour before.

Mags and Kazz. It is called Magnolia Genie if you wanted to search for one.
I have succumbed, and sent off for it.
To ease my concscience, I shall think of it as a treat for Mothers Day. :wink: