Good Morning Sunday 5th November 2023

Morning all!

It was a quiet day yesterday. I was able to get a quick nap.

The weather was overcast in the afternoon and temperatures were pleasant.

I would like to put in a grocery delivery order, but I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m hoping for a quiet day today.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning , not been here in a while.
Hoping today will be a dry day at least. Planning on doing a 6 mile walk with a lovely tearoom half way today. Could be a bit squishy underfoot with all the rain we have had.
Hoping your day goes with not too many bangs but with lots of sparkle :sparkles:


Good morning folks!

I’m just sitting here drinking coffee enjoying the peace and quiet. I’ll shortly be packing the gear into our day bag (rucksack) before we set off into the woods for a leisurely forage and see what we can find. Then it’ll be back home to mellow out. It is Sunday after all :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy your day people :+1:

good morning all ,
Theres a smell in the air , from the fireworks , I wonder does anyone still have a Bonfire ,I remember growing up with them in the street.
The rain stopped and we are in for a much brighter dry day .

Not sure what my plans for today are,I need to catch up with my Chauffeur.
Have a nice day.

Morning all.

Food shopping for me this morning in Morrisons, and maybe will pop in to home bargains and Iceland as well.

Not doing a big meal today, probs a mixed grill to use up some stuff, and to the carvery tomorrow with little sister.

Later, after the obligatory dog walk and popping into card shop for Holly to see our mutual friend, then I will sit down with my library book. Hoping for a fairly relaxed day.

@Smileyday @Chilliboot enjoy your walks. Careful if it’s muddy/slippery.


Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :biking_man:
Wow! woke up to clearing skies and no rain so out came the bike for my Sunday 15…
A bit blustery on the open stretches so a poor time, but the legs felt good with power a plenty…
The river was creeping up but not as high as it has been, the fields were all flooded and some roads have been closed. Fortunately not the ones that I needed and you could count on one hand the cars I encountered during my early morning ride.
A quick shower now after breakfast to try and make time to do a bit of work in the lab, I’ve had plenty of ideas for new circuits while peddling around the quiet country roads…

Thanks Jazzi…will do👍

A bite to eat and then home :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks rate tasty that Chilli…

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Well it was a tin of Chilli after all Foxy :+1:
It smelt tasty too although I didn’t have any, it was for my son.
He loves getting involved with outdoor cooking which is a really positive thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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