Good Morning Sunday, 4th February 2024

Good morning to you all.

Supposed to be a fairly warm one today, 33° is forecast.

Am expecting my youngest son to visit, apparently I am looking after his dog until Wednesday. I have my bucket of car cleaning material on standby as he always cleans his car when he visits - flat dweller. Personally I clean my car about once a year, there is far too much of it.

My daughter is still here until Monday, I am told not to eat lunch as they are taking me out to a new Indian restaurant.

What plans have you got today?

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good morning and forcast 10 deg and dry

might do a drive out, take a few butties and a flask

erm…Bruce, you clean your car once a year?? omg i clean mine once every two weeks, and once a month gets a wax wash. It gets a full valet twice a year, March and October, same with the wife’s car.

(erm when i say “I” clean it, it goes to a hand wash and dry centre)

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Hi Bruce, sounded like you were going to wash the dog in car cleaning material for a moment. Dogs throthing at the mouth are a worry at any time.:grin::grin:

If it is lucky it gets washed once a year, I think the last time I cleaned it was middle of last year when I just hosed it down because it was covered in dust from dirt roads and it was hard to see out the side windows.