Good morning Sunday 27th March

Good Morning all.

Small fishing boat where I live.

Hope you all remembered to turn your clocks forward 1hr.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mum’s out there.

Have a nice day all.IMG_0022

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Morning Susie, and all who follow! :wave:

Busy day today after yesterday’s perusal of the garden centre. Managed to get some seeds and containers and compost, so I’ll be planting lots today. Its going to be another lovely day as well! Lucky us…

Happy Mothers Day to the mums, too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bouquet:

Have a great day eevrybody!

I’ve been having a chill day. The weather has cooled back down a tad, so that has been nice.

It’s been a stressful week, so I’m sitting here with a can of Pringles and ready to watch Master Chef. I think I might like Top Chef better but both have been entertaining.

Have a great day all!

Morning all, and happy Mother’s Day.

Flipping time change. Wondering why I still feel tired at 7.30.

I have had a few play times and cuddles with Holly, but I am not sure she has entirely forgiven me for abandoning her for almost a week! She came home yesterday morning. No cuddles on the sofa like we normally do, when watching telly, she just let me hug her while on the floor playing, and spent the evening in her bed.

Another wet and cool day but at least I got to go for my walk.

Spent an hour during the a wet patch working on a spreadsheet that uses VBA (just because I can)

Have fun


Good Morning All.

A very misty and grey start to the day here.

A little light housework and cooking today.

Have a good day all.

Good morning everybody.

Happy Mothers day to all us mums - and mums with fur babies too.

I’m going to Ady & Paula’s for afternoon tea & Sue is coming to see me this morning.

Have a good day all…

This has got to be a joke! Another severe weather warning has just been issued for northern NSW and SE Queensland. Flooding with up to 250mm in a six hour period. Tragic

Where I live will not get it so bad but heavy rain later in the week, the ground never dries.

BTW their date is wrong this was just issued

Hope it’s not too bad for you x

Good afternoon everyone :smiley: a dull day and a bit chilly.

I had a lovely day with my son and one grandaughter yesterday sitting on the veranda in the sun . I declined lunch out today, it would be too busy everywhere and chilly sitting outside anyway. There is lots of Covid around here.

I am going to do some sewing , I get tired by this time and am ready to sit down for a bit.

Been a lazy day. I forgot about the clocks changing so I was later than usual. The dogs didn’t mind. Then I went to the local convenience store for cider. Then another stroll with Max. Met a few neighbours. One of them has a Bentley so we chatted about that and other things including F1 racing which I will watch later along with the Scrumpy…

I went to our local Co-op to buy my Sunday newspaper this morning and the car park was full of police vehicles including a forensics unit. As I went up to the counter to pay I asked what was going on. The check-out lady said when they opened the shop this morning there was water flooding through the ceiling from an apartment above the shop so, they went up the stairs outside to bang on the door. No answer so they called Plod. Plod arrived in his little car and banged on the door - still no answer. Got permission from HQ to break in and … dur, dur, durrrrrrrrrrr! two vans plus the forensics van turned up PDQ. Why? She had no idea but I can guess that summat nasty happened in Flat 1 last night.

Update! It turned out that the flood was caused by a hydroponics bath forming a crack and all the water leaking out. It was being used to raise somewhere in the region of 1000 cannabis plants worth over £100k on the streets. Whooda thunk it? Plod is now searching for the tenant(s).