Good Morning Sunday, 25th February 2024

Good Morning to all on what is, for me, a very sunny Sunday.

As usual set of for my morning walk at just before 7am - the sun doesn’t rise until 6.40am

I was listening to Led Zeppelin on Spotify when it occurred to me that I had no idea what Taylor Swift’s songs sounded like.

I found a Spotify Best of the Best of Taylor Swift playlist. It was pleasant enough, nothing memorable, it all sounded a bit sameish to me but I listened to it for the rest of my walk.

The forecast for this coming week is ever increasing temperatures.

Have a relaxing Sunday

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good morning from a British Sunday, love the piccie Bruce, i have a field at the rear of our house, a mountain would be a bonus

dry day but overcast, maybe an hour in the garden

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Morning everyone - brighter today but cold, at least we are having a break from the rain!

Went next door to see to the cat (aka she who must be obeyed!). She had left no little “gifts” overnight so praised her as she was eating her breakfast. Then she decided to play silly buggers! First she walked to the patio door, I opened it, stood there for a couple of minutes when she turned around and walked to the back door. Closed the patio door, opened the back door, stood there for a couple of minutes and she walked back to the patio door!!! After messing around like that for several minutes left her indoors and returned home for a well deserved cup of coffee! The little sh… sugar plum watched as I left with a knowing look on her face and I just know when I go back in to see if she wants to go out there will be something needing to be cleaned up! I know I should have just picked her up and thrown her out the door - but I didn’t have the heart to (soft? me?!!)

Brother in law and his wife are visiting this afternoon - first time I have seen them since getting back from my trip abroad so looking forward to that.

Take care and hope everyone has a lovely day

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Good morning/afternoon (better late than never)… from Foxy’s World… :disguised_face:
Had to dash off to Boots Opticians yesterday so not much time to hang about on the forum…Had to take my new glasses back because they must have mixed my lenses up with somebody else’s… :009: I wanted driving glasses but ended up with reading glasses, when I tried them out, anything happening on the dashboard was a mystery… :thinking:
Anyway, they are going to sort it out…
Awwww Bruce, I couldn’t walk listening to music, I need to be aware of the sounds of nature and what’s going on around me.
Sheila, that’s what cats do, just to let you know who’s in charge and because they are inquisitive little animals. Our Maddy (god bless her) used to go to the door, sniff the air, and then decide whether to go out or not. If it was cold and windy she would about turn and make for her basket.
In other news…0 degrees C when I started my walk this morning, the sun comes up around seven so it was nice’n light when I set off. Walked the first half mile over the railway bridge, and then jogged across the field to the housing estate in the next village. The path through the wood was wet and muddy so I jogged that bit as well. I came out on the cycle path that led to the main road which wasn’t very busy this morning and I continued to jog and walk to the turn off that leads onto the lane back home.Still plenty of frost hanging about and all the puddles were still frozen, I zig zagged down the lane and over the railway line, it looks like a good time as I knocked off the stopwatch as I arrived at my gate. It was only as I sat at my laptop entering the details did I realise that I’d trimmed 2 minutes off my best time…

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Happy Sunday to all, my first as Head Usher at church. Wish me luck.

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I know what a squawking parrot sounds like. Actually I only listen to music on the weekends (can’t abide “Australia all Over” on Sundays), during the week I listen to ABC local radio.

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