Good Morning Sunday 22nd

Couldn’t wait any longer, it’s mid arvo here.

Lovely, warm, sunny Winter’s day - temperatures in the low 20’s.

Just got back from a lovely exercise walk - the only pleasure allowed in this lockdown.

Sprayed the clover in my lawn, got my laundry on the line and dried, tomorrow is warmer (27’ forecast but might rain) then the temperature plummets to the high teens as a cold front sweeps the state.

Anyway hope your Sunday is good to you, take care

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Good morning Bruce and those to come in yet.
It had been raining during the night, stopped now.
Nothing planned for the day.
Have just stripped the beds and sheets are in the washing machine and a Whole Chicken is in the oven.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning
The sun has actually appeared this morning
Hopefully will stay out
Have a good day everyone .

Morning all.

Good morning everyone! Its cloudy and damp here. Mr P has left for a walk in the hills so the day is my own. No plans yet - I need breakfast first! Hope everybody has a lovely day :smiley:

Good morning all, the sun is trying to break out here too, so looks like being a nice day ahead.

Back from walking the dogs now and enjoying a cappuccino before tackling my (very small) list of jobs for the day, which may or may not include spraying the weeds in the lawn, weeding the paths in the veg patch and making some mince pies, decisions decisions…

Have a pleasant Sunday everyone :blush:

good morning, still a bit damp but hope no rain, lots to do in the garden, but not dry enough to mow

Good morning all, the sun’s out here, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Long may it last!

But you know, I’m sitting here watching the terrible events in Afghanistan on TV, and thinking we could be going through the worst storm ever, with flooding and terrible disruption, and those poor people would still rather be here than living the nightmare in their own country. So I’m not going to complain if it rains and my washing gets wet. We are so lucky.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone and give thanks that you can :slight_smile:

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a beautiful sunny day here.

Sheets are out on the line blowing in the gentle breeze.

A quiet relaxing day ahead, how nice to see ‘summer’ has returned. :grinning:

Enjoy your day folks…

Good morning from an at the moment sunny Weald. Had a bit of a storm last night so the wet grass will have to wait for its weekly trim. :+1: not much planned for today but I daresay she who must be obeyed will find that bit of paintwork or something that could do with sorting. :roll_eyes: no peace for the wicked. Have a good day all. :wave:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: fine after yesterdays rain and I hope to get in the garden and pull up some french beans which have finished, another lot is following behind.

I am also cooking. A lot of people grumble about children not eating things, I don’t have that problem with mine and my grandchildren who eat every last morsel of food given to them.I put it down to ‘Baby led weaning’ which my daughter in law introduced all her child to at 6 months. The ‘healthy’ picnic I made yesterday with home made bread and various salads was gone in no time So I need to make more supplies and deliver them . My son is a great cook but a little help is never refused while my DIL is away.

Enjoy your day :smiley:

Good morning all.
We had qluite a storm during the night too, Tezza. Glad I got the grass cut yesterday morning, cos it rained all night.

I have got another hospital appointment lunchtime - yes, on a Sunday!.
After that I will call in and have a cuppa with my son and partner as they only live just outside the hospital grounds. I have a couple of nice Lavender plants for my DIL (to be), she loves Lavender. I have planted them in pots and put a little solar light in, it looks pretty.

Better get a move on, enjoy your day all.

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Good morning all,

Not sure if it is still morning - had a bit of a late one last night - not at all sure of what day it is never mind the time!

Have a lemon chicken casserole simmering on the slow burner for tonight’s dinner but seem to missed breakfast! Will just make a cheese and ham toastie a large pot of tea - and call it brunch.

Have a happy day :grin: