Good Morning Sunday 22nd October 2023

Morning all!

The neighbor’s dog woke me up. Then the lawn mowing kept me up. I started hearing yelling before mid day. Right around noon, I heard a siren stop really close by. The yelling stopped. An hour later, the music started. The music stopped 20 minutes later. It’s been relatively quiet since then.

I’m not sure if the siren had anything to do with the silence but I hope there’s another siren today just in case.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning all.

My own NfH are annoying me, as they are still opening and closing their front door (which creaks badly) and then slamming it, a 100 times a day.

A stay at home day, doing a roast. Just got the cooked meat out from the freezer.


Yesterday was both hell and nice to see others I was worried about OK.

First night of heating on 24/7, no flooding to my house, but very nasty locally.

Garden is now out apart from if and when it dries up enough to have some pruning done.

Have a good day all.

Good morning all

My son will be visiting me today .
I’ve some last years Christmas tokens for lunch at a garden centre i’ll use them today .

Yesterday was warm , I sat out in the garden listening to the cricket …we were robbed (cricket) errrr we were thrashed again !!

This weather it’s ridiculous one moment freezing & raining the next warm and sunny ! You don’t know what to wear.

Take care all xxx

Good morning all, the sun is shining bright.
Nothing planned for the day.
Cooking a Gammon Joint for dinner.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone

The storm seems to have gone…fingers crossed

Nothing planned today except out with pals later for an Indian meal

Have a great day all whatever you have planned :wink:

Good morning all ,
A much better day , with the Sun rising , but so cold out , just put the washing out , hopeful it may dry .
I shall go a walk when Son arrives , take the dog for an outing , I may take my Camera , not a lot to look at at this time of year though .
Gammon joint sounds nice @susiejaeger ,

Have a good day all

The solution is obvious - get your own siren. Amazon sell them.

Good morning!
Bright & dry & sunny

Nothing much planned for today, and I’m not feeling too lively, but it would be a shame to stay in
I haven’t driven my car for a few days, so I’m hoping I’ll feel brighter this afternoon, and I’ll go for a drive to a supermarket by a circuitous route to keep the engine turned over
Oh what an exciting life I lead!

A bit late checking in today due to some diversions on my bike ride.
A clear sky with just a hint of orange splashed low across the East when I rode out for my Sunday 15…All was going well with none of the expected puddles until I reached the river crossing at Kirk Bramwith. The river Don was inches from the top bank and the road was closed. Raging torrents of murky water were rushing under the bridge creating eddies and whirlpools. It slapped against the parapet of the rickety bridge, almost washing over the road.
Nothing for it but to throw the bike over the barrier and continue with my ride…

It was nice and dry as I continued on my ride except for the streams at the sides of the roads, they were now full to the brim and flowing at some speed…
I decided against risking my life trying to cross Kirk Bramwith Bridge on my return journey so I cycled the route in reverse where I could use Stainforth bridge, a more permanent and structurally substantial bridge, to cross the river on my homeward bound stretch…

Two drivers stopped to inquire where they could cross the river, after they had tried and failed to cross any bridge, including Stainforth. I carried on anyway, a bike can often go where a vehicle can not. My hopes were soon dashed as I approached a lake that used to be the road, I was still at least a mile from the Stainforth crossing…

I had no option than to turn around and tackle the barrier again at Kirk Bramwith, adding another two miles to my quickly failing energy levels.
I climbed the barrier and rested at the other side. After another photo shoot three roadies (road racing cyclists) approached the barrier and asked if the route was clear at the other side, I explained that it was, and they hastily threw their bikes over the barrier and crossed the angry river in order to complete their Sunday outing. On my steady ride home I mused that the cyclists were not prepared to miss their Sunday ride, come ‘Hell or High Water’ and realised I was not the only plonker to risk his life this morning…

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A terrific post Foxy, reading that brought back memories, when I used to cycle all over Sussex you never knew what was in store or who you were going to meet.

Part of we would like to do it again but there’s that little voice in my head telling me otherwise, I ignore that little voice at my peril, I speak from experience :wink::+1:

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Thanks Chilli, I try to go out on the bike twice a week, with a sometimes longer ride on Sundays.
It’s getting harder at this time of year what with rain and the inclement weather. I’m no match for the strong wind nowadays but I’ll keep going as long as I can.

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